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Scenario hypothesis: A development team has 10 programmers who use Git for version control. One day, after programmer A pushes several commits of the day, I suddenly wondered, "How many times have I performed a commit in this project? Who is more than me commit? How many more? Who is the most commit in the group? Who is the least ?"

Git supports a very user-friendly command: $ git commit log

This command returns the number of times that each user under the git repository performs the commit operation and comments for each commit operation.

The-s parameter ignores comments of each commit and returns only a simple statistic.

-N parameters are sorted by the number of commit values from large to small.

$ Git commit log-s-n
135 Tom Preston-Werner
15 Jack Danger Canty
10 Chris Van Pelt
7 Mark Reid
6 remi
3 Mikael Lind
3 Toby DiPasquale
2 Aristotle Pagaltzis
2 Basil Shkara
2 John Reilly
2 PJ Hyett
1 Marc Chung
1 Nick Gerakines
1 Nick Quaranto
1 Tom Kirchner

For example, I want to know the commit statistics of an open-source project (such as Graphiti ).

The results show that a buddy named Michael Wenz on the Graphiti forum is indeed the main developer of this open-source project.

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