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[Abstract: [email protected] as a Chinese version of GitHub, significantly has his own upper hand, such as fast speed, Chinese expression. Sourcetree can also be said to be an error-free GIT client that may support Windows warfare Mac OS. This article will unite for the two to govern the project]

[email protected] as a Chinese version of GitHub, obviously has his own advantages, such as fast speed, Chinese display. Sourcetree can also be called a good git client, capable of supporting Windows and Mac OS. This article provides an introductory explanation for the combination of the two to manage the project.

Prepare for work, visit to register an account, download and install Sourcetree, the Chinese version of the online can be found.

Start the formal steps below:

1. Click to add or import a project

After the creation is like this, attention to the delineation of the URL, a will be used

2. Open your Sourcetree and click New repository to clone from URL

3. Everyone should understand the use of the URL just now, yes, copy the URL paste to the first location, the second location you can choose the path, I choose "Desktop/Project name", the name of the project name, click on the clone, here to complete, remote and local connection, The changes you made in the test at the specified desktop location can then be easily submitted to git.

4. Open the test on the desktop and you can see that there is a file, do not touch it. Then I randomly copy a project into the folder ()

5. Open Sourcetree, here will see local changes, select all and then click on the not staged file (of course, in the project, you can customize the selection, to sync to the remote content), and then fill in the Update log, click Submit, to this step, The project has been completed with local management in Sourcetree.

6. Then click Push to sync to git and save a current version on Git side

7. Check the effect, to the web side to view the saved items, the site has saved the content just submitted, each time similar changes will generate a version, through the log display version content, click Zip to download any historical version.


[email protected] open source china git and Sourcetree combined use tutorial

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