Giving up is also a kind of beauty

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Many things are always learned after the experience. Just like feelings, it hurts, so that we can know how to protect ourselves; silly, so that we can know how to stick to and give up at the right time. In the process of getting and losing, we gradually know ourselves.
In fact, there is no need for so much meaningless persistence in life. Nothing can be left alone. It is easier to learn to give up. Learn to give up, turn and leave before tears, leave a simple back; learn to give up, bury yesterday in the bottom of my heart, leave the best memories; learn to give up, so that each other can have a more relaxed start, the love is not always unforgettable
This journey is not easy today. I once said that I love you. Today, I still love you. I only love you, but cannot be with you. Like the flowers that love the mountains and mountains, love it, but cannot bring it back. Every feeling is beautiful, and every journey is also fascinating.
Is it because we cannot have regrets that make us feel more concerned? Or is it because of our sleepless nights? Feelings are a questionnaire with no answers, and hard-searching cannot make life better. A bit of regret or sadness may make this answer more permanent and longer
Love is on the left, and love is on the right, walking on both sides of life, sprinkling at any time, blooming at any time, will this long-distance embellishment of the fragrant flowers filled, so that pedestrians wearing flowers and leaves, walking on the thorns, don't feel the pain, tears can wave, don't feel sad
Pick up your mood, continue, Miss the flowers, you will reap the rain; miss him, I met you. Let's continue, and you will eventually reap your own beauty. Therefore, whether you like the same thing or a person, it is better to face it easily than to make yourself tired. Even if you give up or leave one day, you also learn to be calm.
I comforted myself, although at the lowest position, I could not see the gorgeous flowers bloom, but I would never miss the romance of Falling petals and melting in the wind. watching is exactly the romance falling in the wind. I once had nothing to ask. at least we have seen the beauty of flowers.
If you like something, you must learn to appreciate it, cherish it, and make it more precious. If you like a person, make him happy, make him happy, and make his feelings more sincere. If not, let it go. Sometimes, some people must learn to give up, because giving up is also a kind of beauty.

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