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A friend wearing glasses found no. If the glasses are worn for a long time, especially after sleeping with glasses, the glasses will not be worn, and the glasses will always feel relaxed and worn down. It was really uncomfortable. I had to hold my glasses in my book and drop my glasses in the bowl when I was eating. I had to hold my head while I was washing the dishes, but I still slipped to the sofa pool, at this time, we will always be furious.

You can remove your glasses, but you can't see any problem. Except for the fact that the legs are very open, it's useless to tighten the hinge silk. You can't see the difference between the glasses and the past, I felt a little reluctant to change the glasses. the glasses were really good. I didn't drop a bit of paint, and the lenses were just changed soon. It was depressing!

After suffering this situation for a long time, I finally decided to search for it online to see if other people had encountered such a problem. I didn't think about searching. There were so many people who encountered the same problems as me. Baidu Knows That Sohu's Q & A are all asked. However, there are a wide variety of answers. Some of them use rubber bands to tie the mirror back. Some say that the nose is stuck for beauty, some say that the legs are deformed, and even some newspapers have provided a solution: wrap the preservative film on the mirror leg. After comparative analysis, there are two solutions that are more reliable: first, to the glasses shop repair; second, to the glasses shop to buy a non-slip sleeve in the bending part of the glasses leg to Increase friction.

After the solution was finalized, I went to the glasses shop. The master of the glasses shop was very enthusiastic. without saying anything, I picked up the pliers and clipped them. I wrapped the parts of the glasses with cloth and clamped them with pliers, press twice, and each mirror leg performs the same processing. After a while, the master said. I picked up my eyes and put them on. It was really different. The glasses were so loose that they felt tight. In the past, the feeling of getting rid of me disappeared without a trace. When I came back, I bowed my head and shook my head. I was very satisfied. However, the restless mentality that worried about glasses falling down was not completely eliminated, and it was time to hide and hide. I finally solved the problem that had plagued me for several months!

I am so happy to write this article and share it with friends who have similar problems to eliminate troubles. A small thing, although small, can be tortured for a long time.

Finally, I made an advertisement for the boss of the glasses shop. The master/boss of the glasses shop helped me repair the glasses and cleaned them. I didn't ask if I needed a penny. I would like to express my gratitude here. The glasses shop is on the second floor of the tanyang glasses city in the Military Club of Shanxi Road, Nanjing. There was a warm young man and a warm little girl.


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