Global domain name quotient and market share in mid-October: decline in new net rankings

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IDC Commentary Network ( October 20 report: According to Registrarstats published real-time data display, as of October 17, 2015, the global domain name registration market,, LLC with 52, 098,440 Domain name reserves continue to dominate, the monthly net increase of 122,825, the advantage is significant. In addition, the number of new network domain names continued to decline to 1,797,973, its ranking than the previous period fell 1 to 15th place. Below, the IDC commentary network will collate and analyze the relevant data.

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(Figure 1) Global Domain name Registrar (international Domain name) holdings market share TOP15

Through Figure 1 You can be informed that, as of October 17, 2015, the number of global domain name registration market share of the top 15 ranked in turn,, LLC, ENom, Tucows and other domain name providers. On the chain of October 10, a slight change in the rankings: The new network was OVH to retreat to the 15th place, while the OVH rose to the 14th place, the two position interchange. The remaining rankings remain unchanged.

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(Figure 2) Global domain name Registrars (international domain name) holdings and market share statistics

Take a closer look at the figure 2,IDC Comment Network noted that in the global domain name registration of the top 15 rankings, China won 2 seats, is still China million network, the new network. Among them, the Chinese network adhere to the 7th place, performance as always outstanding, a net increase of 357,039, the number of domain names rose to 3,874,212, the market share has risen to 3.43%. The performance of the new network has been less optimistic, the number of domain names continued to decline by 1,797,973, the monthly net minus 96,042, by the impact of this decline, its market share fell to 1.59%, ranking also fell 1 to the 15th place.

Next, look at the list of foreign domain name quotient data situation. Observation Figure 2, know that the number of GODADDY.COM,LLC domain name is 52,098,440, occupy 46.17% of the market share, stable top, the monthly net increase of 122,825, second only to China million net. In addition, enom ranked in Asia, the number of domain names in more than tens of millions, for 11,735,660, its market share with the previous period, still 10.4%.

In addition, the OVH ranking rose to 14th, replaced by it is the new network. The main reason is that its domain name has a relatively small number of spin-down, only a monthly net minus 33,951.

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Global domain name quotient and market share in mid-October: decline in new net rankings

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