Glory Route Hilink How to implement one-click network?

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Network Diagram:

1, this is a typical two-level routing of the Network method, generally to modify LAN port IP to avoid gateway conflicts.

2, the above figure know, the modem for the routing of cats, with the dial, so the level two routing does not need to redial. The modem is the hg532e.

Configure Ws831-1

1, the PC inserts the WS831-1, through the gateway IP enters ws831-1 management page.

Note: The following figure is a quick Setup page, and the first run of the route will guide the user through easy setting.

2, the network cable to connect well, click Next, here provides two kinds of WAN port access mode.

PPPOE: Scenarios for upper-level network devices without dialing features

DHCP: Scenarios for upper-level device with dial-up capabilities

3, if you choose PPPoE, next enter the broadband account and password. If you select DHCP, the IP address is automatically obtained from the upper device DHCP server.

4, next fill in the SSID and password

5, click to complete the end configuration. Since the upper device is already dialing, I am demonstrating a PPPoE scenario, so it prompts the networking failure.

Add Ws831-2

1, mobile phone download installation of Hilink, connect ws831-1.

2, to the ws831-2, placed on the ws831-1 side. Login to the app homepage and click on the "Smart link" button.

3, after entering the "Intellectual Union", click "Add Device"

4, then click "Scan"

5, finally click "Add", submitted to complete.

6, to observe the second WS831 hi lamp, from the orange light illuminated steady switch to the green light is always bright, then the app fast connect complete.

Overwrite test

1, unplug the ws831-2 power supply, move the ws831-2 to the suitable position to place.

Here is a tip, mobile phone to install WiFi Analyzer, to the Ws831-2 placement location Search Ws831-1 signal strength, that is rssi. If the RSSI is below-70, move the ws831-2 toward the ws831-1 direction. The following figure is for reference only.

2, after placing good, to ws831-2 on the electricity.

Because the SSID and password of ws831-1 and ws831-2 are always, the results of the mobile phone search are the same. The following figure is for reference only.

3, the Internet equipment search Ws831-1 SSID, after the successful association, began to swim no corner of the network bar.

Note: The green light will not blink, green light flashing to abnormal; 2. Orange light flashing contains flash and slow flash, flash corresponds to: Restore the factory, the network process will flash; slow flash in one case, search for the Hilink device. 3. Orange lamp often bright, start-up process, or WPS negotiation, or no WAN uplink (no physical connection), or uplink (no WAN IP), 4. Green light is always bright, connect normal.

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