"Go" 6 points of interest in performance testing

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First, the performance test in advance to prepare the attention point

1, the performance test environment configuration needs to be able to simulate the version of the field use, including the external network equipment, software network elements, a variety of hardware platforms, operating systems , software platform;

2, the performance test needs to prepare the appropriate simulation script as far as possible to simulate the customer's possible operations, such as parallel web operations, and socket connection. And to exceed the customer's real possibility.

Second, the performance test requires two types of data

1, benchmark comparison data: Compare the performance of this version and the previous version of the situation. To discover whether the functionality of this release affects the performance of the benchmark. Benchmark, the new features and features in this release are not open by default and remain consistent with the previous version.

2. Performance comparison data for a single function: Verify that this feature has an impact on the performance of the version when the new features and features are turned on in this release.

Third, the performance test process concerns

1. Usage of resources: View the usage of resources. Resources include CPU, memory, hard disk and so on.

2, the release of resources: The query system after the business process is stopped, the normal release of resources for subsequent business use. According to reason business stop, resources should be released in time. Frequently asked questions, memory leaks, and resource hangs, causing the system to not release resources properly, causing serious downtime. You can use many tools to detect resource conditions.

3, abnormal test: The performance test situation in a certain amount of traffic (usually simulated site users), hardware switching, dual-machine switching, business switching and so on. Includes destructive input access to verify the system's fault tolerance under high load conditions.

4, inquiry alarm and other information: The general system will be in the time of the problem, the notification and alarm, this information is the best means of exposing problems, performance testing needs to be reviewed in a timely manner.

5, long-running: Performance testing is the simulation equipment for a long time operation, this is a good check version in the outfield test means. Can check out a lot of time, timer and other related accumulation effect of the failure.

6, log Check: Performance testing requires a regular analysis of the system's logs, including operating systems, databases , software versions and other logs.

7. Check the business response time: After a long test, see if the business response is in a range acceptable to the customer. such as the response time of the Web page, terminal logon duration.

Iv. personnel requirements for performance testing

1, the performance test personnel must be the backbone, can not use the new performance test.

2, the performance test personnel must be very familiar with the whole system, for the problem of positioning means to use proficiency. Be able to lead developers on performance-related troubleshooting.

Five, Performance test report

1, performance test report to reflect the benchmark performance data, the performance of a single function data. Used to evaluate whether the version can maintain the same processing power in the original hardware environment.

2. The performance test report needs to meet the requirements of each test stakeholder. So before performing a performance test, you need to get a test stakeholder's requirements, make a schedule, and then start the performance test.

Vi. tool requirements for performance testing

1, the performance test must have a certain tool preparation, including LR and so on. Many product performance testing needs self-developed performance testing tools, the highest level of tools can be fully real simulation of customer operations. In particular, LR is only a tool, and performance testing is a set of theories and methods.

2, the Performance test tool in the process of use, need to be mixed and manual operation. such as the simulation of customer shopping online purchase action. Tools and manual need to be effectively combined. To compensate for some of the unpredictable shortcomings of the tool.

"Go" 6 points of interest in performance testing

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