"Go" How to configure Java Runtime Environment in EditPlus, run Java program

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How to configure the Java Runtime Environment in EditPlus to run Java programs


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Edltplus is a good Java code Editor, using EditPlus for the language code format automatically generated, save us a lot of unnecessary time, and it has a small, memory-saving advantages, we usually write some simple Java program is very helpful, The following small series for everyone to introduce how to configure the Editplusjava environment editor, so that it can directly run Java programs (how to run Java programs in the EditPlus environment)

  1. When you first configure the Java Runtime Environment for EditPlus, make sure that our computer is installed to complete the JDK. Open cmd, enter Java to see if it's installed

  2. After you have installed the JDK, open EditPlus and click Tools at the top of the menu bar. Click "Configure custom Tools" in the menu bar that pops up

  3. Click "Add Tool" and select "program" in the right menu bar.

  4. Fill in the menu text "Javac", command fill in our Javac directory, general in the Java installation path Bin directory, find click to add

  5. In the parameter settings, click More Options on the right, select "FileName", select "File directory" from the start directory.

  6. Action options, select Capture Console output, configure complete, click Application Options below

  7. Then click on the Add tool on the right, select the program, enter Java in the menu text, and we will configure the Java

  8. command, add our Java installation directory, in the Java installation path of the bin directory,

    parameter, select "File without extension"

    Start directory "file directory"

    Action "None"

  9. At this point our EditPlus Java Runtime has been configured successfully, find a Java code, and press the shortcut key "Ctrl+1" to compile. "Ctrl+2" Run

    • Experience is the practice in my life, the pro-test feasible side writing experience.
    • We hope to share the original experience to help you if you have any questions about this experience, please leave a comment in the comments below the discussion, the first time for you to answer the small series.

"Go" How to configure Java Runtime Environment in EditPlus, run Java program

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