Go Issue when the start command execution path contains spaces in the command line prompt in Windows

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When you use the command line prompt in Windows to execute this instruction (testing the start command to execute a program or file problem with a path with spaces), the first line of start executes successfully, jumps out of the Notepad program, and the second line, the start jumps out a new command prompt, the header says the path, However, no command is executed, and the third line of the start command prompt prompts that the C:\Program file does not exist and the prompt cannot be executed.

Start C:\Windows\Notepad.exe start "C:\Program files\internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" Start C:\Program files\internet Explorer\iexplore.exe Puase

Typically, when a command-line prompt character encounters a program or a file path that contains spaces, you need to enclose it in double quotation marks, or use the 8.3 format, but these are inconvenient to use.

So on Google's Yahoo Baidu a Youdao ...

Finally find the reason, the original is double quotation marks for setting the title, causing me this problem, the solution is very simple, add 2 double quotes after start

Start "" "C:\Program files\internet Explorer\iexplore.exe"

In this simple way, you can solve the problem where start cannot execute a path that contains spaces. Finally, attach this command to bring your own Help

Microsoft Windows [version 6.0.6002]
Copyright (C) 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Launches another window to run the specified program or command.

START ["title"] [/d path] [/i] [/min] [/max] [/separate |/shared]
[/low |/normal |/high |/realtime |/abovenormal |/belownormal]
[/affinity] [/wait] [/b] [Command/program]

Title appears in the title bar of the window.
Path Startup directory
B starts the application, but does not create a new window. Application has
Ignore ^c processing. Unless the application enables ^C processing, ^break is the only one that can
The way the application
I the new environment will be the original environment passed to Cmd.exe,
Rather than the current environment.
Min to start the window in minimized mode
MAX launches the window in a maximized manner
Separate start a 16-bit Windows program in a separate memory space
Shared startup of 16-bit Windows programs in shared memory space
Low start the application in the IDLE priority class
Normal starts the application in the normal priority class
High starts the application in the high-priority class
REALTIME launching an application in the REALTIME priority class
AboveNormal launching an application in the AboveNormal priority class
BelowNormal launching an application in the BelowNormal priority class
AFFINITY the new application will have the specified processor affinity mask, with a
A hexadecimal number is indicated.
Wait to start the application and wait for it to terminate
If it is an internal cmd command or a batch file, the command
The Cmd.exe is operated using the/k switch of the system.
This means that after running the command, the window will
Still exists.

If it is not an internal cmd command or a batch file, then
It is a
program, and will act as a windowing application or console should be
Run with the program.

Parameters These are the arguments passed to the Command/program

Note: The seperate and SHARED options are not supported on 64-bit platforms.

If command extensions are enabled, external commands through the command line or the START command
The call will change as follows:

Type the file name as a command, and non-executable files can be called through a file association.
(for example, WORD.) DOC will call the heel. DOC file extension is associated with the application).
For information on how to create these associations from within a command script, see ASSOC and
FTYPE command.

The application that executes is a 32-bit GUI application when CMD. EXE Unequal Application
The command prompt is returned when the program terminates. If executed within the command script, the new behavior
will not occur.

If the first symbol of the command line executed is the one without the extension or path modifier
The string "cmd", "cmd", is replaced by the value of the COMSPEC variable. This
Prevents the extraction of CMD from the current directory. Exe.

If the first symbol of the command line executed does not have an extension, CMD. EXE will use
Pathext the values of the environment variables to determine which extensions to look for in what order
Name. The default value for the Pathext variable is:

. COM;. EXE;. BAT;. Cmd

Note that the syntax is the same as the PATH variable, with semicolons separating different elements.

When looking for an executable file, if there is no matching extension, take a look at whether the name
Match the directory name. If it does, START calls on that path
Explorer. If executed from the command line, it is equivalent to cd/d the path.

Go Issue when the start command execution path contains spaces in the command line prompt in Windows

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