Go language, simple analysis and understanding

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Go localization

The guide is also available in other languages:

    • Brazilian Portuguese-português do Brasil
    • Catalan-català
    • Spanish-español
    • French-français
    • hebrew-עִבְרִית
    • japanese-Japanese language
    • Korean-한국어
    • Romanian-română
    • chinese-Mandarin

Go Playground

This guide is built on the Go Playground , a Web service that runs on a golang.org server.

The service receives input from the Go program, compiles, links, and runs in the sandbox, and then returns the output.

The limitations for programs that run in Playground are:

    • In Playground, the time from 2009-11-10 23:00:00 UTC (Understanding the important meaning of this date is reserved for the reader's practice). This makes it easy to cache programs based on predictable output.
    • There is also a limit to the runtime, CPU, and memory usage, and the program restricts the running of a single thread (but can have multiple goroutine).

Playground uses a stable version of the last released Go.

Package Mainimport ("FMT" "Time") Func main () {FMT. Println ("Welcome to the playground!") Fmt. Println ("The Time is", time.) Now ())}

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