"Go" Linux (Ubuntu) below SECURECRT completely cracked

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Test only and do not use for commercial purposes.
First to download a securecrt to the Vandyke website, you need to register.
I am downloading the Ubuntu 13.x x64 version here.
Once downloaded, install it directly.

$ sudo dpkg-i scrt-7.2.3-500.ubuntu13-64.x86_64.deb

[Email protected]:~$ which SECURECRT

Cracked, you need to download a Perl script provided by http://www.boll.me/archives/680.

wget http://download.boll.me/securecrt_linux_crack.pl

The execution of this script may require some packages to be relied upon.

sudo apt-get install ia32-libs ia32-libs-gtk linux32 lib32asound2

sudo perl securecrt_linux_crack.pl/usr/bin/securecrt

After execution, a heap of registration information is output.

[Email protected]:~/downloads$ sudo perl securecrt_linux_crack.pl/usr/bin/securecrt
Crack successful


Serial number:03-61-166978
License key:abc89d UFDU94 c94cbu 7v17su ABTUS5 qxx9e5 pf12h6 R62SHC
Issue date:12-22-2013

Next start SecureCRT, and enter the above registration information.
Enter the next step directly, and then click the leftmost button to manually enter the above information.

1. http://www.boll.me/archives/680
2. http://www.vandyke.com/download/securecrt/download.html

========= another article =================================================================

On the post of a Linux (Ubuntu) under the SECURECRT 7 30 days in the start of the loop will enter a confirmation window, and then maz-1 users message that the Windows can be cracked after the program to replace the binary parts of Linux, and then register with the normal registration machine, Try a bit really can (specific operation can see his message), and later in order to facilitate a simple hack script for everyone to use (purely yy), the specific use of the process to see the following instructions.
The program supports Linux systems (Ubuntu Fedora) and MacOSX multi-platform.

Operating system: Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora) macosx
Related software: SECURECRT
Operation Process:

The operating procedures are performed in the terminal.
The hack of Ubuntu:

Download the program:

wget http://download.boll.me/securecrt_linux_crack.pl

Run crack/usr/bin/securecrt to fill in the real securecrt path

sudo perl securecrt_linux_crack.pl/usr/bin/securecrt

Fill out the registration information of the output and run SECURECRT to view the registration information:
Serial number:03-77-017522
License key:abh5xb pq7fby NPZGCW 7j2yak aacvjy 3swcp9 evz4kz E4M3WR
Issue date:06-18-2013

Note: The program only provides testing, please delete the program after the completion of the test, you need to use please purchase genuine software, thank you.
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Summary: I have a problem with the first installation, after the registration information is completed, the following information is displayed:

The License Wizard did not complete successfull.possible errors Inclde:
, Haven License is for a different version of [email protected]
, Haven checksum values do not agree with the checksum values in the registration. This was usually caused by a typo or misspelling.

I thought that did not break the success, on the landlord's blog under the message:


Landlord gave a reply:

If prompted, crack successfull is OK.
Your error message is generally that you run the SECURECRT with a different path to the hack: If the path of the crack is/USR/BIN/SECURECRT, the operation is/USR/LOCAL/BIN/SECURECRT.
Or the cracked end did not exit re-run SECURECRT.

Later, I tried again, prompting OK.

If the crack successfull description is cracked successfully, restart the computer, or try again, it should be.

Here's a really good interface for cracking success:

"Go" Linux (Ubuntu) below SECURECRT completely cracked

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