[Go] Mac System terminal command line does not execute command always appears to found workaround

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Configure the Android development environment, change bash_profile This file, finally somehow only the CD command can execute, I guess the Bash_profile file can be modified after not saving the resulting Save command is: source. bash_profile

Here's my solution:

1, on the command line, enter:

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    1. Export Path=/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:/bin:/sbin:/usr/x11r6/bin

This guarantees that command-line commands can be used temporarily. Do not close the terminal until after the command has been executed.

2, enter

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    1. CD ~/

Enter the home directory of the current user.

3, create bash_profile Execute command:

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    1. Touch. Bash_profile

4. Open and edit the bash_profile Execute command:

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    1. Open. Bash_profile

5, so open a notepad, will show you previously configured path, modify Notepad, first delete all you feel useful can be in the desktop Backup, command line good after adding.

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    1. Export java_home= '/usr/libexec/java_home '
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    1. Export path=${path}:${java_home}:${android_sdk_root}:${android_sdk_root}/platform-tools:${android_sdk_root}/ Tools:${java_home}:${java_home}/bin
    2. Export path="/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin:~/bin: $PATH"

The above is the system, if you want to configure something, such as the Android development environment in the SDK to add the directory, do not configure the words will not be added.

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    1. Export android_sdk_root="/USERS/WANGKAI/DOCUMENTS/ADT-BUNDLE-MAC-X86_64-20130219/SDK"
I saved these 4 references in my command line 6, to save the full selection: Command+s or not at ease, select the Notepad file-save save after saving no prompt to directly turn off. 7, at this point, enter the update command at the command line (the command line is not closed): [CPP]View PlainCopyprint?
    1. source. bash_profile

OK, restart the terminal command line, eg: enter LS

[Go] Mac System terminal command line does not execute command always appears to found workaround

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