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Tab-switch between groups with the same unit in the formation.

Alt (if you press the command at the same time)-overrides formation Movement
During an action.

Alt-g-send a signal on the map. Click the map to confirm the target signal sent to the Allies.

Alt-T-Open/shut down the map to display the terrain.

Alt-A-on/off simple color settings. (You have a color, one for all allies and one for all enemies .)

Alt-F-on/off mode. When you enable this mode, the melee weapons are automatically arranged before the remote attack.

CTRL (if you press the command at the same time)-only send the command to the selected troops.

CTRL + #-set the selected troops to troops.

Shift + #-Add the selected troops to the # troops.

#-Select # troops, and press twice in a row to move the screen to the troops.

F1-F3-select hero 1-3. Press 2 times in a row to move the screen to hero.

F8-select idle workers cyclically. Switch between idle workers continuously.

F9-open the task record window. You can view all the main tasks, Optional tasks, and completed statuses.

F12-in multiplayer games, the chat record window is opened, and in standalone mode, the record window for all messages is opened. the chat record window records all the messages you send and receive, and the record window stores the messages or prompts you get from the NPC in this Guanzhong area.

Backspace-move the screen to the center of your town.

Spacebar-cyclically moves the occurrence points of the past eight events in the center of the screen.

Alt-C or Ctrl-C-move the center of the screen to the unit you selected.

Shift + selected units-Add/delete click units from the selected units.

CTRL + select unit or double-click unit-select all units near the screen.

Quick Development
(1) Overview
Dear Warcraft players, are you still upset about the game's failure? Is it still depressing for the lack of technical skills? Don't worry about it. Please take a look at this World of Warcraft expert to quickly become a secret. If you read this secret and then train them based on the secret method, you will surely become a generation of experts in time, at that time, you will be able to enjoy the pleasure of endless victories. You will be able to travel all over the world, but you will never be defeated. What are you waiting? Take a closer look!
The glory of interstellar flows with the great east of the river, and its boom is yesterday's yellow. Even if the competition for strategic games is overwhelming, warcraft has become a new trend in the world. Players in North America, Europe, Asia, and all places with computers and games, regardless of their quantity, fight in the World of Warcraft. They are pursuing happiness. This happiness comes from the joy of victory and the glory of the strong. Every Warcraft player wants to be the winner. What can defeat the opponent * is human-based technology. Through continuous combat, players learn from experience and hone their own technologies. This is the only way to improve technology. However, like learning all skills, hard training is not the most efficient way to improve technology, and Warcraft training is also very skillful. Here I neither study specific tactical tactics nor talk about the game *'s skills. This articleArticleIt is my summary of warcraft training methods. The article can help gamers at various levels to improve their technical skills and tactics with the highest efficiency and become the strongest in Warcraft at the fastest speed. I believe this secret, it will certainly be of great help to everyone!

Playing games requires skill. Playing different types of games has different requirements for people. When we play a strategic game, the game focuses on testing our brains and IQ, while when we play a real-time game, the game focuses on asking us to have a small cell line and response. When the strategy class is combined with the instant production, a new game category real-time strategy ----- instant strategy appears. It is a type of game that has the highest requirement on the Quality of players in the history of electronic games.

Warcraft is a very good RTS game, and its requirements for players are also the intelligence of the brain and the response of the brain. It is basically difficult to change the wisdom and response. Here I refer to these two conditions as qualifications. Players with better resources will enjoy a faster technological increase and a larger room for improvement. This article is about quick success, and the qualification level is out of consideration. In the game, players use wisdom to develop strategies and tactics, and then use agile skills to implement strategy and tactics through precise and swift. From the requirements of the game on players, we can see that the so-called Warcraft technology is the sum of the players' strategic accomplishments, tactical levels, and * capabilities for the game. I think the technology to improve Warcraft is like learning a boxing technique. The Strategic Consciousness of warcraft is equivalent to the general outline or boxing theory of this boxing method. tactics are equivalent to the tactics of boxing, and micro * is equivalent to internal strength (because the more powerful people are, the better the internal strength is, micro * The better the tactical effect of a person, the better ). To learn a boxing skill well, you need to learn boxing techniques, tactics, and internal skills at the same time. To improve the technical level of Warcraft, you must also improve the strategic cultivation, combat skills, and * skills of Warcraft.

(2) strategy
The strategy in the game can also be understood as a big picture. Simply put, in the course of the competition, starting from the overall situation, we should formulate a macro development direction and adopt a general idea and thinking path. The concept of strategy is vague and difficult to understand, so it is difficult to improve the level. The concept of strategy is ever-changing. Here, I have embodied the concept of strategy to help you understand it. Strategy can be said to be a stone, scissors, cloth game, different strategic ideas are mutually restrained. I divided my strategic thoughts into three types: violent strategy, economic development strategy, and rising technology strategy. Among them, the violent soldiers restrained the development of the economy, the development of economic restraint and rising technology, while the rising technology restrained the violent soldiers.

The so-called brute-force strategy is that in a certain period of time (mostly in the early stage), it not only gave up the rise of science and technology, but did not split up mining to develop the economy and accumulate funds, all of which caused a relatively low level of troops, this is an absolute strength in quantity. If the competitor is developing the economy and quickly opening a shard, he cannot recover the construction cost of the shard base within a period of time, his troops will inevitably be less than the players who make all the money into troops. If brute-force gamers attack the base separation of economic gamers at this time, it is difficult for gamers with inferior troops to hold the base because the Base has just been built and there are no defense measures. In this way, the strategy for economic development fails, and the strategic victory or defeat almost determines the overall victory or defeat of the game! Therefore, the brute-force strategy is dominant in economic development!

To develop the economy, we need to quickly establish sub-bases, and then gradually turn the economic advantages into strengths of troops and technologies. During the construction of the sub-base, the money invested will lead to the emptiness of the troops in a certain period of time, during which the opponents who are afraid of being attacked by the dominant forces. However, if the opponent is on the rise of technology, the money will have to be invested in the development of science and technology, then the opponent's troops cannot form a scale and cannot constitute a threat. Then, when the sub-base is running, economic players have almost twice the economic revenue of technology players. The economic advantages of a large number of low-level troops and defense buildings can temporarily offset the opponent's technological advantages. The economic advantages allow technology to gradually catch up with the opponent or even surpass the opponent, and eventually win a complete victory! Therefore, the strategy of economic development is better than the strategy of increasing science and technology.

Rising technology is to discard the strength of its troops, invest money in the development of technology, and then win a local battle with advanced troops and heroes who are more than competitors, and then accumulate into the final victory! Because of the rising technology, although gamers in the brute force strategy are at a disadvantage, if attacked, they can return to the base for defense and rely on the base's defense measures, it is easy to resist. The brute-force strategy did not take advantage of low costs in the early stage. In the later stage, it will inevitably be defeated because it has no advantage in economy and lags behind in technology! Therefore, the strategy of developing science and technology is to restrain violence.

Different strategies are mutually restrained. Using the correct strategy can greatly benefit and take the initiative in the game. However, it is better to say that the strategy is determined by the enemy rather than the decision of the enemy. Therefore, the basis of strategy selection is reconnaissance. Through reconnaissance, we can understand the strategic intentions of our opponents and then find out the restrained strategic methods. In this way, improving strategic cultivation is to improve the ability of investigation and analysis.

About Tactics
With the correct strategic thinking, we need to implement the Strategy through tactics. The tactical scope includes a wide range of options, including the combination of different types of troops, the formation of the troops during the battle, and the fight between the two armies. This is all in the tactical category. Correct tactics can give players an advantage in local battles. To select the correct tactics, You need to analyze the situation before making a decision. To improve the tactical level, we also need to improve our ability to analyze the situation.
Operations are the cornerstone of the entire game, and good * actions can bring out good strategies and tactics. Excellent * operations can be divided into two aspects: quick action and correct method. The Method to Improve * performance is to increase * speed and * skill.
To increase the speed, I suggest changing the mouse and keyboard. Especially for the mouse, a precise positioning and human mechanics mouse will make you feel that * work is a pleasure, and good * work is an art. It will definitely bring your water level to a grade immediately. Of course, there is no need to change without conditions. Your own technology is the most important thing. I have summarized three methods to increase the * speed:

1. All keyboard operations are required. Using all the shortcut keys can greatly increase the * speed. Most people only use a few common shortcut keys to play Warcraft. If you are not familiar with them, you will not use them when you click them quickly, the less you use it, the more unfamiliar you are. To quickly increase the operation speed, you must change the speed. Even if the speed is slower than usual at the beginning, the advantage of the full keyboard * function is obvious in a few days.

2. You must have the correct posture. Good posture can be more agile, the correct body posture should be the legs flat, back straight, neck relax, eyes flat display; left hand on the keyboard, according to my personal habits, each hand is placed on a specific key position for convenience * (my habit is to put the thumb on the Space key, and the index finger on the B key, place the finger, ring finger, and middle finger on a, S, and d respectively, to help you understand them); Hold the mouse in your right hand, and never put your hand on the desktop, and your arm is hanging, and desktop to 25-30 degrees.

3. Correct mental state is required. People cannot be in a weak State, and they must be nervous so that they can act faster. Mental stress is required, but mental stress is not required. Mental stress may lead to incorrect judgment and errors.

The method of operation is a kind of skill. In the battle, the precision * is called micro *. In Warcraft, micro-operations are consistent throughout the game. To put it simply, "micro *" means to pull back the troops attacked by the enemy's concentrated firepower in the battle, and then use the skills and magic correctly in the battle. This is simple, but it is not easy to do. Correct operations in intense battles require long-term training, but there is a very effective way to quickly increase the level of micro *, that is, micro * map. All major Warcraft websites can play games on these maps. At the beginning, they provided troops from both sides of the enemy and me, avoiding the process of developing economic and productive forces. All players need to do is to constantly direct troops to fight. Constantly playing games on such maps can train micro * with high intensity and high density, so that the level of micro * can be very long in a short period of time.

(3) specific improvement methods

Improvement Method
To improve Warcraft's strategy, tactics, and * level, we need to improve our ability to analyze the situation. This capability is an experience. Experience is summed up by * long-term competition accumulation. If you need to quickly improve technology, you must accumulate combat experience more efficiently. I think the most efficient training method can be described in three words: play more, read more, and think more. Multi-player is just a multi-player competition. This is the foundation of everything. There is not enough training capacity to become a master, but it is nothing more than watching the video, watching the war report and summing up others' experiences, we need to think more to discover our weaknesses and make progress faster.

Watching the video of a master game is a good way to improve technology. This allows you to quickly learn various tactics of a master, it also gives you a clear picture of how to cope with the attacks in various situations, and you can easily learn some very useful tips, such as the place where the building is placed, the method of killing monsters, and the skill of smuggling items (purchasing items in a store with a neutral monster Guard.
Watching the game video shows you how others play, but you cannot fully understand the intention and benefits of these games. In this way, you need to look at the text War Report and the lessons learned by others. The text war reports are often accompanied by explanations to explain the excellent tactics and micropoints in the competition, and summarize the highlights and mistakes of the competition; looking at the lessons learned by others, you can avoid a lot of detours during the game training, and let you notice a lot of mistakes you have made in the game, reading such articles can help you learn a lot of skills that you cannot see or learn in the War Reports.

Think too much
To quickly improve the level of Warcraft, you must use your brains. Where should we think? I propose a way of thinking-replay. The word replay comes from go. After a player plays a game, he splits his game and analyzes the correctness of each step. I think every Warcraft player should develop the habit of replay. Every time a game is over, think about the process of this game. If you win, you need to know where to win and where to play well, so you will often fight in the future. If you lose, you need to analyze where to lose, which is a strategic loss, or is it a tactical failure or * is it a problem? Then pay attention to and make corrections in future competitions. In this way, no matter whether you win or lose, you can grow a little bit, grow 1.1 points, and eventually become a peerless expert!
Growth Process
I divide the technical skills of warcraft players into five stages. Players in different stages have different methods or focuses to improve their skills and tactics.

Stage 1: Bai ding. It is a game that does not know World of Warcraft at all. Players at this stage cannot tell the unit of the army, do not know the purpose of the building, or even do not know how to enter the game. At this stage, if you want to improve the technical level of Warcraft, you should repeat the Task Mode of Warcraft! This process is not only fun, but also allows players to understand the basic settings of the game and be familiar with the game's * operations, which will be very beneficial for future technological growth.

Stage 2: no action. The so-called "no moves" means no tactics. When a player understands World of Warcraft and has a certain number of capabilities, the player will not use tactics in a match with a person. In this way, there is no rule, it is easy to be defeated by the completion of certain routines. The key to the recruitment phase is to learn tactics, and tactics are tactics. The focus of players in this phase is to improve the tactical level. My suggestion is to go to the pan view of the master's game video. In this case, you do not need to look at it carefully. You can view a batch of game videos at a speed of 3 or 4 times, you only need to pay attention to the combination of troops in the video and the timing of the split. Then, in your own game, we will be able to learn some tactics quickly.

Stage 3: there are moves in hand and no moves in mind. If there are no players in the recruitment stage, there is no tactical fight like a rogue fight, then at this stage it is the martial arts personnel who have learned martial arts tricks. Players at this stage will use various tactics. There are certain routines and rules when playing Warcraft, but they do not quite understand the essence and significance of these tactics. They are not ineffective in use, that is, the timing is uncertain. At this stage, it is best to take a look at the comments of the text war report and the summary of the experience of the experts. Reading these articles can not only understand the intention of various tactics, but also improve the cultivation of strategy.

Stage 4: There are both moves in hand and in mind. When the players integrate various tactics, they will have a certain level of combat power. Most players are at this stage, but their levels are different. The technological improvement at this stage is the improvement of the comprehensive capabilities of strategy, tactics, and operations.

Stage 5: no action to win. As Feng Qingyang in "Xiao AO Jianghu" said, "there are flaws when there are moves." All tactics in Warcraft are also flawed. Real peerless masters do not have certain tactics and specific tactics. They only play with consciousness and experience. Without tactics, there will be no method to crack. The so-called "No tricks, no tricks, no tricks" means the highest level of Warcraft.
In the end, I want to talk about how to improve the technical level of World of Warcraft. The biggest requirement is not to be afraid of failure. Even if you lose 100 games, then you throw your mouse to the ground for 100th depressing times, you have to pick up the mouse for another 100th times, and then greet the failure of the 101st game.


The dual-fist attack is difficult to defeat, and the same is true for both hands. It is useless to play Warcraft with only the right hand. We also need to learn to use the left hand ------ keyboard.
Compared with mouse operations, keyboard operations are faster, more convenient, and more accurate. I will start with basic operations, then advanced operations, and then more refined operations. Nothing else, Because my level can only be here, huh, huh.

Starting from the basics:

I. Basic operations: Use a keyboard to create a unit, release magic, and use items.
All things in Warcraft can be done with shortcuts, And the mouse is just a positioning function. For example, if you are an elf in the dark night, you can click the avatar of the genie in the base, or press W directly. Or, if you are a moon well in the dark night, you can select the genie and click build, click the Moon Well portrait, you can also press B, M directly. For specific shortcut keys, you can move the mouse over the avatar of a specific unit. The mouse will pop up some subtitles. The yellow letters in the brackets behind the unit name are the shortcut keys used to create this unit. Keyboard is the basis for making units and building.
One important thing is that all magic in Warcraft can also be done with shortcuts. This means that you can use the keyboard to quickly release the hero magic. For example, if you put a hammer on the mountain of the family, you can click the icon of the hammer, then click the hero of the other party, or press T on the keyboard, and then click the hero of the other party. The magic release speed may be half a second or one second. But sometimes, this half second or one second determines the outcome of the game.
Similarly, if you want to buy an item in a store, you can also click the store and press the corresponding shortcut key. This allows your hero to quickly purchase items (Return, blood bottle, invincible, group therapy, or airships) when fighting near the store to protect himself and his troops.
Similarly, the use of hero items can also be completed with a keyboard. The item bar corresponds to the buttons in the top two vertical bars of the numeric keyboard. That is to say, the first item can be used by 7, the second item can be used by 8, and the third item can be used by 4, and so on. Some people may think that it is better to use the shortcut keys of an item than to use the mouse. However, using the keyboard has some advantages: 1. Using a number of items (such as ointment and Tornado) makes Mouse clicks cumbersome, making the keyboard easier to use. 2. In the middle and late stages of the melee, it is very likely that your hero clearly has a blood bottle or is invincible. However, when you use the mouse, a spot deviation occurs, leading to the death of the hero by mistake, the usage of the keyboard is lower than the loss rate. An important part of using an item on the keyboard is to try to put the item you want to use (such as a blood bottle, invincible, and returning) on the left side of the item bar. After all, press 7, 4, 1, or 8, 2 is much better.
In addition, always remember that F1 is your first hero, F2 is your second hero, and F3 is your third hero. These three keys allow you to quickly select the desired heroes and learn their positions in the chaotic battles.
Some hot keys that you may not know:
1, "~", Click it to select the farmers who are resting.
2. "backspace" can be quickly switched back to the main base and centered on the screen. This hot key is extremely important when a hero returns to the rescue. You can select a hero, use the return key, and then press backspace to switch back to the base to select the ideal location for his return, return (do not forget to select a location for the return operation. It is not always possible to return to the primary ground ). This is faster than clicking the base on a map to select a location.
3. insert and delete can make the screen right or left-handed, so that you can point to some units that cannot be clicked from a normal perspective. For example, small animals exploring human paths often hide behind tall buildings.
4. Pageup and Pagedown can move the angle of view down or up, and the middle mouse button can also. In this way, you can get a close view of what you want to see.
5. The O key allows the hero to quickly learn skills. By selecting a hero, press O and then press the corresponding skill shortcut key, which is equivalent to clicking the "+. For example, when your Death Knight is upgrading, you can quickly press O and E to learn the death contract, and then eat your unit to ensure that the death knight does not die.
Build, put magic, and use items on the keyboard. The important thing is to abandon the bad habit of clicking with the mouse and force yourself to use the keyboard. With the continuous use of the keyboard, you will find that the use of the keyboard has become your habit, and will eventually taste the sweetness of using the keyboard.
PS: Key A, key H, key p, and key tab.
1, a key, attack key. If you only use the right-click marching, the troops will only move to the destination and then attack. When the key is used and the destination is marching, if an enemy is found during the army's marching process, the attack can be immediately stopped. In addition, if you want to kill yourself or your teammates, you will also use the key attack.
2: H key. Keep the in-situ key. For example, if your opponent's base has an arrow in the high seas, you can only use a siege vehicle to attack his base, your opponent often uses several units to lure your unit into his arrow group. At this time, you can use the H key to stay in place to protect your non-Siege unit.
3: P key and patrol key. For example, if you want to transfer the shadow from the opponent's base to the base, you can first place the shadow to the base and press P to split the base, your shadow will achieve your goal.
4: Tab key and sub-group conversion key. For example, I want to release the frost star of the Death Knight and the Lich. You can press the tab to find that the title of the Lich in the status bar is highlighted, and then you can release the frost star.

Ii. Advanced Operations: ALT, shift, and CTRL.
It can be said that Warcraft players who do not use these three keys are basically not getting started, and those who do not master these three keys cannot be regarded as masters. I personally think that the process of mastering these three keys is the only way for cainiao to become a master. The following describes the functions of these three keys.

One Alt key:
①: The purpose of pressing the Alt key is to observe the blood volume of all units on the screen. After you press ALT, you can find that there is a blood bar on the head of each unit, which makes it easy to see which unit is near death to your enemy and me. What you should do is to drag your dying unit backward, and then find a way to kill the other's dying unit. Remember the ultimate goal of the operation, protect each unit as much as possible, and kill every unit of the other party as much as possible. It is said that when a master is fighting, a tooth sign is inserted on the Alt key. Although slightly exaggerated, it still means that the Alt key is important.
②: The ALT key can be combined with other keys. The most famous one is Alt + Ctrl + DEL, followed by Alt + F4. However, these combinations cannot be randomly pressed during the Warcraft process. Common combinations in Warcraft are:
1. Alt + G is important when 2vs2 is used to issue a warning on the map. You can tell your allies where you need help.
2. Alt + A changes the colors of yourself, teammates, and enemies. Try to change to Mode 3, that is, turn yourself blue, teammates become green, and enemies become red. In order to better distinguish the enemy and me during the battle, so as to avoid accidental injury.
3. Alt + F switches the team-type movement. When you escape, remember to turn off the team-type mobile. Otherwise, the remote units will not be moved until the melee unit escapes to the front.
Shift key:
①: The Role of the shift key is actually very simple. To put it bluntly, let a unit do several things continuously. However, once this function is used, it becomes very useful.
1. Let a farmer automatically go back to mining after completing the construction. The practice is to select a farmer, hold down shift after issuing the construction command, and then right-click the wood or gold mine.
2. Let a farmer make several continuous buildings. By selecting farmers, issuing the first construction command, holding down shift, and issuing the second construction command. In combination with 1st methods, farmers can continue mining after completing a large pile of buildings. If continuous construction is performed on the same building, such as a human farm. You can drag the farmers out, hold down shift, and press BF (farm shortcut key). Then, you can do whatever you want, finally, don't forget to use shift to pull farmers back for mining.
3. Continue to explore the path in several places. The method is to select the path exploring unit. First, click the first path exploring location, hold down shift, and then click the place where you want the unit to go in sequence to open shift.
4. Let your unit focus on firepower and continuously attack n other units. In this way, the object is preferably a remote unit. In this way, right-click a unit of the other party and click the unit you want to attack in sequence by shift. In this way, the firepower can be concentrated, causing continuous and high damage to several units. However, the disadvantage of this approach is that if the other party switches the unit under attack, your unit will continue to pursue the attack, which will be attacked by more units of the other party. Therefore, it is best to set only two or three consecutive point shots. For example, if you want to launch the commands of 12 units, once the opponent switches off the unit, you need to launch a new command. Sweat, you are tired.
5. Let your troops bypass wild monsters. In combat, your organization is often assembled on the hero, and the units produced during the day are often placed beside wild monsters, resulting in injury or death of the unit. To avoid this situation, you can use the Shift key. Practice: Click barracks, hold down shift to set the collection node, bypass the wild monsters, and finally click on the hero. Then, the units that come out of the barracks will go through N collection nodes and finally go to the hero.
6. Leave the system after harassment. For example, if the stone image is a ghost, kill a farmer (or a few) first, and shift to a safe place.
7. other purposes. Many of them cannot be thought. I think the most classic one is the dark night bear. First press F to change back to druid, Shift + e to add blood, and then SHIFT + F to change back. This operation can be completed in one second by shift. However, if you wait for the bear to change back to druid, then press e to add blood, and then press F to change back after the addition of blood, the time will be over 2-3 seconds.
②: Add or remove units in a team.
1. Add. If you want to include a unit in the team you are controlling, you only need to press shift and click (or select the unit you want to add. This practice is particularly important when incorporated into the just-created units.
2. Remove. If you want to remove a unit from the team you are controlling, you only need to press shift and click (or select the unit you want to remove.
A phantom instance. On the losttemple, one of your four animal soldiers is dying. You can right-click the four animal soldiers and choose the spring of life, then, press shift to remove the zombie from the group by pressing the icon in the status bar, and then control the other three to do other work (MF, harassment and so on). When the beam beaver is full of blood, add it to the team.

Three CTRL:
①: The first role of the ctrl key is used for teaming. For example, if you want to make a team of 7 musketers and 2 male & gt; select 7 musketers and 2 male & gt; and press Ctrl + 1, even the musketer and the man's witch are made into a team. Next, press "1" to select a team, press "1" twice to select a team, and use "1" as the screen center. Warcraft can contain up to 0 and 1-9 groups. Organizing each unit into a team is the basis of the operation. In addition, buildings can also be formed. For example, if you set a barracks as five teams, you can attach 5 infantry or fire guns to them while fighting or MF.
②: Select the same unit on the screen. For example, if you want to select eight dead persons on the same screen, you can press Ctrl and then click a zombie to select all eight. However, there are only 12 selected units at most, because one team can only accommodate 12 units.
③: Another role of the ctrl key is the legendary "Subgroup order modification key ". After entering the game, in "game" in "options", you can use this function by checking the box in front of "Subgroup order modification key. This function can be used to separate different units of the same team. For example, we used the skeleton right battle + zombie MF in the early stage to organize the zombie and skeleton in a team. When MF was used, I wanted to put the skeleton in front, you can first press tab (because the priority of the skeleton is lower than that of the zombie) to select the skeleton and press Ctrl to move it to the front. You will find that only the skeleton is moving and the zombie is not moving.

3. More refined operations: Use of the M and S keys.

One m key: the intention is to move, but we can extend it to surrounded. Yes, it is the legendary surround key. To become a master, you need to train the technology. You have worked hard.
The first focus on the battlefield will always be a hero, so we should first talk about surrounding the hero. Theoretically, a hero can be surrounded by four units without the influence of the terrain. However, this situation rarely occurs, so we usually use five or more units to surround the hero.
Steps for operating a hero (taking "six dead persons" as an example): 1. Right-click the zombie to move it to the other side of the hero. 2. When two dead devils exceed the hero, select 6 dead ghosts and M to the other hero. 3. Press m and then click the target hero. 4. Press m and then click the target hero. 5. Press A to attack the other hero. One of the most important points in the circle is never to think that an M key can enclose the other party. [{Of course, you should pay attention to using a to launch attacks in the future, Hoho.}]
However, when it is so obvious, the opponent can easily detect and easily run away. Therefore, we always try our best to slow down the speed of each other's heroes and implement easier encirclement. Methods:
1. Fix the opponent's hero: The Storm hammer of mountain hill, the war trampled by the chief of the ox, the purification of the shaman, the trap of the Wolf rider, the static trap of the witch doctor, and the winding of the roots of the jungle guardian, the hurricane of the druid of the birds of prey, the puncture of the cave lord, the sleep and ultimate skill of the demon fear, and the missile repair of the goblin.
2. Slow opponent's hero: the emptiness of the blood, the slowness of the witch, the wizards of the Shadow Hunter, the poison attack of the Flying Dragon, the shadow raid of the watcher, And the poison attack of the tree demon, the frost star of The Lich, the undead Frost Tower, the disability of the skeleton mage, the Ice Dragon attack, the ice arrow of which, and the wine fog of the pandatv. Of course, there are also heroes who wear lightning balls, Venom balls, or frost balls.
3. Speed up your troops: The acceleration scroll of the beasts, the durable aura of the ox-headed chiefs, and the evil halo of the Death Knight (including the hero with a natural disaster clock ).
Another approach is to use the terrain. On the forum, a demon hunter is surrounded by a moon well and three little bows. I believe everyone has seen the graphic war report. This is a classic surround by the terrain. Similarly, we can also take advantage of the corners on the map, and the stairs surround the hero with fewer troops. This requires the opponent's hero to try his best. For example, we can leave the building on our own base to the nearest side. If the hero of the other side wants to harass us, we can only get in from the gap between the building and the forest, however, we can use buildings and forests to implement containment.
It is also a good way to use the summoner to enclose it. I don't know how to do it. (everyone: "You're a cainiao, you don't know what you're talking about !"). During the battle, we used three animal soldiers to enclose half of you first. Then, when the prophet hid at the side and put the wolf, the hero was surrounded. In addition, the book of death calls out eight units. A hero is enough. Both of these situations are embarrassing situations when I am playing against others. Of course, I am still being surrounded by militia + water elements when I am harassing the sub-base of a person, 555 ~~~.
The M key can also be used to reverse enclose. When your opponent uses a fixed or slow-down method to encircle your hero, you can enclose your unit in the hero and then escape the encirclement after the hero recovers.
The general units surrounded are basically the same as those surrounded by heroes, except that some units are smaller in size than the heroes, and more units are needed when surrounded.
A successful encirclement can usually result in a battle. For example, if your opponent has a great army to visit your home, and your home has only a little troops to guard. If the opponent's hero is successfully surrounded, you can solve your urgent needs and waste your opponent's 350 yuan return.
As more and more people know how to drag the dying soldiers to protect the organization, exercise well.

Two s key: the intention is to stop, but we can extend it to block.
The basic way to block a unit is: 1. Let your unit find a way to move to the front of its mobile route. 2. Oblique your unit to its moving route. 3. Once the route is reached, press S.
Next, you have to constantly speculate on its moving route, occupy its moving route, control the moving route of your unit with the mouse, and press S. The most important thing to block is never to think that your organization can just go to its mobile route to block it. Use the s key to control your organization and stop at the right position, right-click your organization and move it.
Sometimes I think block blocking is almost the same as being surrounded. After your opponent finds that the game won't win, they often control a large number of pornographic or red blood units to escape. You can use one or several units to block one or more units of your opponent, and wait for your hero to release the magic or wait for your unit to come and enclose it. One of the two most impressive obstacles is that one of them blocks a red-blooded 5-level prophet with farmers. Then the prophet is killed by four fireballs lost by the big mage, another one is that xiaot blocks a yellow-blooded level 6 mage with Two Level 3 stealth wolves. Then, the mage was knocked down by two lightning waves and two earthquakes.
Of course, the S-key blocking can also be used to cover the retreat of your troops. When we retreat and keep our opponents chasing, we can make a fast unit (so that we can quickly escape from this unit), such as a hero, a female hunter, and a wolf knight, block your opponent's troops and stop them from chasing you. Of course, the most important thing is consciousness.


Sorry, I only remember part of NE.
Base BT
Yuejing BM
Altar Ba (all races are)
Old warehouse br
Ancient knowledge tree BL
Fengzhi ancient tree BW
Hunter Hall BH
Fort BP
Store BD
Chimera Habitat wood BC
Then hero
Demon Hunter D
Mana burning B spontaneous combustion l avoidance E (or R) change to T
The owner's virus, mongod, flashes, B, Blade, F, resurrection, V
R owl C meteor shower F
The jungle guardian is entangled in e-Tree man F halo and forgets the rain T (like)

Archer a range upgrade I
Female hunting H owl E
T (like)

Xiong C upgrades Xiong E, adding blood, E, roar, R, variant, F
Deer D upgrades deer B to disperse B
Mountain g combat stick W mocking t

Yude H wind C-defense F
Corner e t
X-Dragon has forgotten but the magic flame F

Chimera ?? Forgot
Advanced Defense
M ordinary soldiers attack
A common defense
The field of view suddenly cannot be remembered -_-
Nothing. I have to watch a lot of things on my own. For example, in this game, I decided to remember the shortcut keys of the speed boots. I wrote them down and used them for multiple purposes.
That's it! I wish you a better life ~!!

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