Go-oci8 compiling the installation process (as opposed to official instructions)

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Go-oci8 Download Address and description address: Https://github.com/wendal/go-oci

GO-OCI8 Official description

    1. Install the latest version of Git and set the git command to be called directly from the command line

    2. This step is a little bit more

      2.1 下载OCI最新版,存放于C:\instantclient_11_22.2 下载OCI SDK最新版,存放于C:\instantclient_11_2\sdk2.3 下载MinGW最新版,安装在C:\mingw2.4 下载pkg-config.exe和oci8.pc (已经存放在windows文件夹下)2.5 将pkg-config.exe复制到C:\mingw\bin\下2.6 将oci8.pc复制到C:\mingw\lib\pkg-config\下
    3. Modify system environment variables, add

    PATH=原有PATH;C:\instantclient_11_2;C:\mingw\bin;    PKG_CONFIG_PATH=C:\mingw\lib\pkg-config
    1. Performgo get github.com/wendal/go-oci8

      The second download, can be downloaded here, where the environment has been configured
      If this step is not in go-oci8 official download, but and I then, step by step to the various software official website to download, then pay attention to

    1. After downloading and installing, need to modify oci8.pc;

    # Package Information for pkg-config         prefix=C:/instantclient_11_2    exec_prefix=C:/instantclient_11_2    libdir=${exec_prefix}    includedir=${prefix}/sdk/include/         Name: OCI    Description: Oracle database engine    Version: 11.2    Libs: -L${libdir} -loci    Libs.private:     Cflags: -I${includedir}
  1. This package is not supported by win x64, I have not tested the 64-bit version of the installation

  2. This timego get github.com/wendal/go-oci

  3. If you appear like me

      C:\Documents and Settings\administrator>go get github.com/wendal/ GO-OCI8 # github.com/wendal/go-oci8 C:\gopath\src\github.com\wendal\go-oci8\oci8.go:119:cannot use (**C.struct_OCIS erver) (unsafe. Pointer (&CONN.SVC)) (type **c.struct_ociserver) as type **c.struct _ocisvcctx in argument to _cfunc_ocilogon C:\Go Path\src\github.com\wendal\go-oci8\oci8.go:136:cannot Use (*c.struct_ociserver) (c.svc) (type *C.struct_OCIServer) As type *c.struct_ocisvcctx in argument to _cfunc_ocilogoff c:\gopath\src\github.com\wendal\go-oci8\oci8.go:263: Cannot use (*c.struct_ociserver) (s.c.svc) (type *c.struct_ociserver) as type *c.struct_ocisvcctx on argument to _cfunc_oc Istmtexecute c:\gopath\src\github.com\wendal\go-oci8\oci8.go:383:cannot Use (*c.struct_ociserver) (S.C.SVC) (type * C.struct_ociserver) as type *c.struct_ocisvcctx in argument to _cfunc_ocistmtexecute  

This error indicates that you installed the OCI version and Go-oci8 inconsistent, this time to find the %GOPATH%\src\github.com\wendal\go-oci8\oci8.go file

There are 4 places to change

    • 119 Rows

    • 136 Rows

    • 263 rows

    • 383 rows


or replace the Ociserver directly with the ocisvcctx. Re-execute

go get github.com/wendal/go-oci

Fix it.

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