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added: 2016.05 recently tested, 3 registration codes are not available on the new 3103 sublime. two new license key additions are now available:
-–begin license-–michael barnessingle User licenseea7e-8213858a353c41 872a0d5c df9b2950 AFF6F667C458EA6D 8EA3C286 98D1D 650 131A97ABAA919AEC ef20e143 b361b1e7 4c8b7f04b085e65e 2f5f5360 8489d422 fb8fc1aa93f6323c FD7F7544 3F39C318 d95e6480fccc7561 8a4a1741 68fa4223 adcede07200c25be DBBC4855 c4cfb774 c5ec138c0fec1cef d9dcecec D3A5DAD1 01316c36--end L icense--

-–begin License-–alexey plutalovsingle User licenseea7e-8607763dc19cc1 134cdf23 504dc871 2DE5CE55585DC8A6 253BB0D9 637C 87A2 d8d0ba85aae574ad ba7d6da9 2b9773f2 324c5def17830a4e fbcf9d1d 182406E9 f883ea87e585bba1 2538C270 E2E857C2 194283ca7234ff9e d0392f93 1d16e021 f191491763909e12 203c0169 3f08ffc8 86d06ea873ddaef0 AC559F30 A6A67947 b60104c6--end L icense--
Recently feel Sublime Text3 better than notepad++, unfortunately need to buy, so online search, cock silk Gospel ah: Sublime Text Build 3065 License key Copy the following three any one of the genuine registration code can be on -–begin license-– Andrew Weber Single User License ea7e-855605 813a03dd 5e4ad9e6 6c0eeb94 bc99798f 942194a6 02396E98 e62c9979 4bb979fe 91424c9d A45400BF f6747d88 2fb88078 90f5cc94 1cdc92dc 8457107A f151657b 1d22e383 a997f016 42397640 33F41CFC e1d0ae85 a0bbd039 0e9c8d55 e1b89d5d 5cdb7036 e56de1c0 EFCC0840 650cd3a6 b98fc99c 8fac73ee d2b95564 DF450523 --end license--   Geneva-–begin license-–K-20Single User Licenseea7e-9401293a099ec1 c0b5c7c5 33ebf0cf be82fe3beac2164a 4f8ec954 4e87f1e5 7e4e85d6c5605de6 dab003b4 d60ca4d0 77cb15333c47f579 fb3e8476 eb3aa9a7 68c43cd98c60b563 80fe367d 8cad14b3 54fb7a9f4123ffc4 d63312ba 141af702 f6bba254b094b9c0 faa4b04c 06CC9AFC FD41267182e3aee0 0f0faaa7 8fa773c9 383a9e18--end license-- Geneva-–begin license-–j2team2 User licenseea7e-94028245cb0d8f 09100037 7d1056eb a1ddc1a239c102c5 DF8D0BF0 FC3B1A94 4F2892B40 AEE61BA 65758d3b 2eed551f a3e3478cc1c0e04e ca4e4541 1fc1a2c1 3f5fb6dbcfda1551 51b05b5d 2D3C8CFE FA8B4285051750E3 22d1422a 7ae3a8a1 3b4188ac346372da 37aa8aba 6eb30e41 781bc81fb5ca66e3 a09dbd3a 3fe85bbd 69893dbd--end license--

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