Go VS2010 in the property page, C + +---Preprocessor definition

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VS2010 in the property page, C + +--and the preprocessor defines the time:2017-01-01 20:40:42 read:117 Comments:0 Favorites:0 [Point I collection +]

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As in, here, WIN32, _debuge, _unicode and so on are actually some macro definitions, write these in here, equivalent to all the documents in this project are written:

#define Win32#define _DEBUG
#define _unicode

In this way, it is possible to achieve a multiple of the same code in different configuration environments in a compiled result file, thus achieving cross-platform. For example, in the VC, because the environment is Unicode, some are not, the same code in order to be used in both environments, then there will be the following macro definition (in fact, this is the code in TWHAR.H):

#ifdef  _unicodetypedef wchar_t     TCHAR; #define __T (x)      l# #x # define _t (x)       __t (x) #else # define __T (x)      Xtypedef Char            

Then, when you write Unicode in your environment, this section compiles:

#define __T (x)      l# #x # define _t (x)       __t (x)

If you do not write Unicode, then the above paragraph is not compiled, but the following is compiled:

#define __T (x)      x

Thus, as long as your string uses _t ("Somechar"), then, when there is Unicode, it is L "Somechar", in the absence of Unicode at the time, it is itself "Somechar".

You can refer to this: http://blog.csdn.net/xiliang_pan/article/details/7081395

VS2010 in the property page, C + +---Preprocessor definition

Tags: IMG WIN32 SDN/C + + implementation will ifdef mage

Original: http://www.cnblogs.com/JMLiu/p/6241427.html

Go VS2010 in the property page, C + +---Preprocessor definition

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