Go VS2015 compiled programs are missing on other machines Msvcp120.dll

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Developed a Windows client (Win32 Project) with VS2015, which runs smoothly on its own machine. When you pack up the Releas version and publish it, does it matter? Many people have feedback that the runtime lacks msvcp140.dll, and even someone is completely unavailable on the XP system.

So first look at how it's solved:

Open the properties on the project, select C + +, select code generation, and change the runtime to "multithreaded (/MT)". Recompile.

But what about XP-compatible issues? Also in the project's properties, select General, and the platform toolset selects "Visual Studio 2015-windows XP (V140_XP)"

You think it's done, you're wrong. The method above is to solve the missing Msvcp140.dll method, but the problem I encountered is the lack of msvcp120.dll.

What the hell is this?

In fact, it is C + + dynamic link problem.

Msvcp120.dll is the default library file for vs2010 compiled programs. Msvcp120.dll can solve some large-scale games, programs due to VS2010 compilation system missing this DLL problem. A program written by VS2010 runs the required DLL.

If your system prompts "Msvcp120.dll not found" or "Msvcp120.dll missing" or "Msvcp120.dll error", download this file and copy it to */windows/system32 to resolve the issue.

That said, Msvcp140.dll is the vs2015 corresponding library file.

So this is the key question? I'm using vs2015, and I've changed to multithreading (/MT), but why does it show missing Msvcp120.dll?

Alas, blame oneself ignorant, be tortured by this question a day.

It is common practice to use depends to look at the dependencies of the. exe.

I haven't seen any problems for many times.

The last of the Turing is certain, is not the use of third-party libraries (others dll) out of the question? Here to use a gloox.dll, quickly with depends to see gloox.dll, there is indeed a reliance on msvcp120.dll.

What do we do? Find the source of Gloox, and recompile yourself.

But when compiling the gloox, something went wrong ...

To be Continued ...

Go VS2015 compiled programs are missing on other machines Msvcp120.dll

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