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Windows7 system hides a secret "godmode", literally translated as "God Mode", but it seems to call it "universal mode" more appropriate.

Godmode is actually a simple folder window, but contains almost all the WINDOWS7 system settings, such as Control Panel features, interface personalization, accessibility Options ... All aspects of the control settings, users can only use this window to achieve all the controls, and no longer need to adjust a small system to set the time to think about where to open the Settings window. What do you think? Godmode, was it unheard of before? See here, we must be eager to know, godmode hidden in the Windows7 system where? So to speak, where you want to find it, where it can appear, hehe. Very simple, look carefully below:

First you can create a new folder anywhere, which is very simple for almost every computer user, and then it's important to rename the new folder to "Godmode." {ed7ba470-8e54-465e-825c-99712043e01c} ". We'd better copy the past directly to avoid the error of manual input. The next time the car, the surprise immediately appear in front of you.

Double hit open godmode window, you can see that this includes all aspects of the system settings options and tools, and each item corresponding to the function is clearly displayed, a glance, easy to use. Godmode can be created on the desktop, C disk, any folder, in short, easy to use their own, from this window, you can easily complete the settings.

Windows7 operating system to bring people a new interface model, we can more concise use of computers, enjoy the fun of computer life. At the same time, Windows7 also makes people want to control their computer environment in a simpler way, and perhaps all you want is simply to move your fingertips to complete control, without going around looking for a different Setup window. And the Windows7 of the Godmode to provide users with such convenience.

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