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Design patterns one to 20 are Gof "Design patterns" Summary of the content, and use the PHP instructions to implement, Gof "design pattern" refers to the code is C + +. Examples are not particularly typical. These things have been summed up a long time ago, and now the word notes again, is a new understanding of the temperature. Some of the local descriptions may be incorrect, and more practical experience will be further modified in the future.

I am currently in the framework of the development project, the use of the model for the appearance of the model, proxy mode, adapter, and other modes, these are not for the mode of mode, the use of these patterns to organize code, to maintain and read the code of the people have great benefits.

We use these patterns early in writing applications to prevent later refactoring. Even after we build the application, design patterns can teach you how to modify the system if refactoring is needed. Design patterns are the only way to refactor, but not the ultimate goal.

You don't have to model for the pattern, and sometimes you want to use the strategy pattern once you encounter some three different calculations, but in fact, simple conditional expression programming is enough and easy to understand.

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