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Based on Golang's Android Dynamic library development, long ago Golang supported the development of Android on the dynamic library and application, Golang environment to build not to say, directly from the Gomobile start

Software dependencies

Golang, Gomobile, Jdk,android SDK


Gomobile is a Golang framework that can use Golang to develop native apps and dynamic libraries on Android, and through which we can generate AAR library files that can be called in an Android program.
The introduction of Gomobile can also be seen here: https://github.com/golang/go/wiki/Mobile

Gomobile Installation

Requirement is Golang version to be greater than 1.5 (I use the current latest version 1.7, currently Golang active, do not take the old version test)
Go get golang.org/x/mobile/cmd/gomobile
Gomobile relies on the NDK and is automatically downloaded via the init command:
Gomobile init-v

The Gomobile init plus-V parameter displays detailed installation information, including specific download links.

Download the corresponding NDK and openal in the wall may be stuck, the solution is to download the two files themselves, put in the $gopath/pkg/gomobile/dl/directory, my local is gomobile-ndk-r12b-linux-x86_64. tar.gz gomobile-openal-soft-

After manual download, put it on $gopath/pkg/gomobile/dl/and execute Gomobile Init again he will finish the rest of the work himself.

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