Golang keywords and pre-defined

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    • Key words
      Basic in all languages, the keyword is not allowed for customization, the following list of Go 25 keywords
Break Default Func Interface Select
Case Defer Go Map struct
Chan Else Goto Package Switch
Const Fallthrough If Range Type
Continue For Import Return Var
    • Pre-defined
      There are many predefined names in go, which are basically built-in constants, types, and functions.

These internally predefined names are not keywords, they are definitions that can be redefined

built-in constants built-in type built-in functions
True Int Make
False int8 Len
Iota Int16 Cap
Nil Int32 New
Int64 Append
UInt Copy
Uint8 Close
UInt16 Delete
UInt32 Complex
UInt64 Real
Uintprt Imag
Float32 Panic
Float64 Recover
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