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TV drama "Meng Princess" is about to meet with the audience, a lot of Imperial Concubine's actor Yan value acting are online, in the drama "Meng Princess" in the Song Bowl Bowl player is particularly concerned about, then play in the song Bowl who played the bowl, but also played what TV?


Wei. Letter. Note. the public. No.: The Theater says the cinema

Click the cinema entrance → Read the original → enter "slice name" search → you can watch!


The play is mainly about the Meng Princess step Meng and the Emperor Wen Lou two people in the way "tease Zhi-yong" in the process of love story.

In announcing the document, the show also released a set of posters, posters of the unique "Meng-style aesthetics." "Meng Princess" drama in the female master step by the popular little Hua Jin Chen play, in the published fixed file poster, step Meng as Fang Hua Palace theme, a tang suit playful and yet charming. and play the male master Wen Lou's all-around idol artist Jiro Wang City, costume modelling long body Yuli, heroic spirit pressing, perfect match in the drama warm floor belly black warm man's character image.

"Meng Princess" not only brings together Jin Chen, Wangdongcheng, Liu Guanlin, Xia Yiyao, Han Guonno, Jia Qingju and other new sharp actors, as well as Gao Yuqing, Chen Jiayan and other strength actors to support, its behind-the-scenes team is enabled top-level configuration. Shape design for the creation of "Zhen Huan biography", "such as Yi Chuan", "芈 Month biography", "Zhao Orphan" and other works modelling Chen Tongxun. The cast of "Meng Imperial Concubine" attaches great importance to the production of the service, dedicated to the audience to present a new and disruptive costume aesthetics. The show is heavily Hengdian with 101 luxurious main views and 263 finely scattered views. Maybe there are many new people to stand out from here.

Not only that, the play props and costumes are also excellence, more than 3,000 props, the main actor's clothing has 650 sets, its strong classical expression of the style of the Meng aesthetic unique, almost perfect interpretation of the palace costumes exquisite gorgeous. In particular, the male master Wen Lou clothing design is more fastidious, fully reflect the era of the imperial power of the symbol of incomparable glory. "Meng Princess" filming lasted four months, the Xiangshan of Wuxi, the two places framing. During the filming process, more than 300 crew members worked together to create high-quality, original, premium episodes, Day and night. It's a conscience!

Drama "Meng Princess" is mainly about the Meng Princess step Meng and the Emperor Wen Lou two people in the way "tease Zhi-yong" in the process of love story.

Who is the song Bowl Bowl player of "Meng Fei"?

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