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Hong Kong servers are not subject to record filing restrictions, and there is no problem of interconnection between China Telecom and China Netcom. These advantages allow Hong Kong servers to quickly become "star products" in the eyes of enterprises and webmasters ". Recently, some phenomena have occurred on the Internet. You only need to spend several hundred RMB per month to rent servers in Hong Kong. Customers who have been in contact with regular Hong Kong servers will certainly ask why there is such a big difference in prices when renting or hosting Hong Kong servers?

Qiu Zong, general manager of "Internet age", the first leader to provide Internet basic application services in Greater China, said that renting Hong Kong servers at a low price:

Insider 1: Hong Kong server rooms also have good or bad prices

-- The network quality and security of telecom-grade data centers and self-built data centers are different)

In addition to the hardware price of machines, the price of rented servers is also affected by an important factor, that is, the network environment, that is, the server-hosted data center. Network devices must be used for different data centers. To make more profits and open the price distance from telecom data centers, private data centers will never reach the telecom level. For example, a private data center does not have enough bandwidth, no bandwidth monitoring, no high-end hardware devices, or even no backup power. The cost determines the price, which is why many server vendors advocate low prices. We host servers in the data center instead of hosting them for hosting, instead, we hope to get high-speed and stable bandwidth, a constant temperature and humidity environment, 365 × 24 hours of uninterrupted power supply, 365 × 24 hours of dedicated personnel monitoring, all of which are far from achieved by private self-built data centers.

In Hong Kong, due to the wide distribution in the telecommunications market, a considerable number of data centers are actually self-built data centers. Generally, such data centers exist in an industrial park, find mainstream telecom companies to pull bandwidth and then subcontract and sell it. This is why there are many low-price Hong Kong server hosting services on the market. Because the data centers are small, these small data centers are trying to cut corners, regardless of hardware or customer services.

Here, in the Internet era, we have to call on our enterprise customers to select excellent and legal large Hong Kong data centers as much as possible. Although the cost is relatively high at first glance, however, from our 12-year service experience in the IDC industry in the Internet era, a stable server and a good network environment are the basis for enterprises' steady development in network promotion and sales. When enterprises select IDC services, only stability is the most important and core criteria for assessing an IDC service provider.

Hong Kong server's low price insider 2: clever means, audio-visual

-- Differences between fuzzy shared international bandwidth and dedicated international bandwidth

In fact, sharing international broadband and exclusive international broadband are very easy to understand. The so-called exclusive means that your server can enjoy the exclusive bandwidth without sharing it with other servers and will not be disturbed by other servers. Generally, in large and medium-sized hosting businesses, customers have high bandwidth requirements. The content and nature of their websites determine that only independent bandwidth resources can meet the quality requirements of websites. However, many illegal service providers or small service providers often use low-cost shared bandwidth to attract customers who do not know about the industry or lack of server technologies.

Another scenario is that Hong Kong enterprises often choose local bandwidth to meet local access needs. Mainland enterprises choose to lease or host Hong Kong servers because cross-border access is involved, international bandwidth needs to be considered. The current market price of domestic bandwidth in Hong Kong is: XXX, and the price of international bandwidth is: XXX. The differences between local bandwidth and international bandwidth prices are obvious. Therefore, operators or agents who claim to rent Hong Kong servers at a low price often choose local bandwidth at a low price. In this way, even if the servers are hosted in Hong Kong, website access across China is still very slow, leading to the loss of enterprise customers.

The Internet era once again reminds us that there are indeed many unqualified service providers in the market, and they will cheat customers through technical means and information asymmetry between IDC service providers and customers. The Internet era has severely condemned this. We are confident that only by truly providing excellent services to customers can enterprises grow together with customers.

In the Internet era, the customer's commitment is to stick to the promise. Here, the Internet era solemnly promises that if any customer finds that there is fraud in the bandwidth of the delivery customer in the Internet era, we will compensate the customer with 10 times the service amount.

Hong Kong server low price insider 3: VPS used as an exclusive server for sales

Many small and medium service providers use virtualization software such as vmware to divide servers into several independent operating systems, independent CPUs, and independent hard disks to save costs, this mode is similar to the domestic shared host. However, vmware can pretend to be a good software. In this way, the customer looks similar to the exclusive server for the customer's products. In fact, it only gets the VPS. The result is: an independent server that can be enjoyed by multiple users naturally suffers from poor speed, efficiency, and stability.

VPS is not wrong. If it is wrong, the user should not be deceived. The user has the right to know.

Internet era reminds you that when you feel that your Hong Kong server configuration is not ideal, you may wish to check whether you have always paid the price for exclusive servers, what you enjoy is the VPS service.

In the Internet era, we are willing to provide free services based on years of experience in the industry. From now on, the customer service team in the Internet age will receive customer inquiries, you can perform a comprehensive health check on your existing servers for free ".

Insider 4: proxy products boast of being self-owned data centers

With the development of the IDC industry, many "individual entrepreneurs" have been created ". Most of these entrepreneurs do not have legal creden and do not have a company. They only survive through websites and agents for other people's products. We believe that most individual entrepreneurs are good, but some of them have bad ideas. They are engaged in fraudulent business through the Internet. For example, he got a test machine from another company in the name of a customer, and then made an ultra-low price on his website. After payment, the test machine was also withdrawn by the real IDC service provider, and your money will be wasted. Many agents even boast that they have their own data centers. This is not a problem of low price or poor service quality, but a fraud.

Speaking of this, many people may ask: in this case, why don't I go directly to an IDC provider in Hong Kong?

Due to differences in culture, language, and customer base, it turns out that local IDC vendors in Hong Kong may not be the best choice for Chinese mainland customers.

First, the targeted customer service is different. Hong Kong IDC vendors have been dealing with local customers for a long time to better understand the needs of local customers. For example, many customers in Hong Kong have a good understanding of server configuration and so on. They host their servers in the data center and handle problems by themselves, data center personnel only provide power, bandwidth, 24-hour free restart, and other services. IDC vendors in the mainland often provide "nanny-style" services, which are both server vendors and consultants.

Second, barriers to language communication are unavoidable. We all know that Hong Kong people rarely speak Mandarin smoothly and often communicate in Cantonese or English. Therefore, language and expression are the biggest obstacle for Chinese customers in consulting or troubleshooting, in many cases, such communication barriers have a serious impact on customers.

So many people will ask, is there an IDC operator that can provide both comprehensive services and stable and high-quality Hong Kong servers on the Chinese mainland?

Of course, companies like those in the Internet age are representatives of such companies. It is a local IDC operator in China and has a good understanding of the needs of domestic users. It is also a server base-level provider in Hong Kong. The Internet era has 12 years of cooperation experience with new world and first line data centers in Hong Kong. We have our own professional technical team in Hong Kong to help Chinese enterprises solve their problems, understanding the needs of domestic customers + advantages of local data centers in Hong Kong + professional technical teams will undoubtedly be the best choice for enterprises to rent servers in Hong Kong.

Qiu Zong, a veteran in the IDC industry and CEO of the Internet era, said that for a long time there has been a vicious competition in the IDC market. Some unscrupulous IDC vendors, even agents, have attracted customers' attention at a low price, due to the limitations of the customer's understanding and understanding of the IDC industry, it is often easy to be cheated. The formal IDC vendors should win by product quality and quality services. Whether it is server leasing or server hosting, carrier services are crucial, especially in the current chaotic IDC market.

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