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For the wireless router settings has been a commonplace, but there are still a lot of friends can not be a good grasp, then this article for D-Link DI-524 wireless router settings Method for a detailed introduction. I hope this article will help you.

D-Link DI-524 wireless router setup step 1, connect the DI-524 to your network

1. First connect the 7.5V 5 v ac power adapter of the DI-524 to the power Jack of the rear panel of the DI-524.

2. You can see that the front panel is on after the DI-524 is powered on.

3. connect the network line connecting to the DSL/Cable Modem to the DI-524 WAN port (WAN) and insert one end of the other Ethernet Cable into the lanport on the rear panel of the DI-524, the other end is inserted into the computer NIC that you used to configure the DI-524. DI-524 front panel WAN, LAN port LED light on, indicating the operation is correct.

4. Take the computer with the wireless Nic installed near the DI-524. For wireless network settings for the wireless nic and DI-524, see Step 4 5th.

D-Link DI-524 wireless router settings step 2, connect other computers to DI-524 Wireless Broadband Router

With other ethernet cables, connect other computers with Ethernet interfaces that require access through the DI-524 Wireless Broadband Router to the remaining three lanports on the rear panel of the DI-524; you can also take computers with wireless NICs installed near the DI-524 to access the Internet through the DI-524 Wireless Broadband Router.

D-Link DI-524 wireless router settings step 3, correctly configure your wired computer network settings

1. Right-click your computer desktop and select "properties" from the shortcut menu ".

2. In the subsequent window, right-click the local connection and select "properties ".

3. In the window that will be opened later, select Internet protocol TCP/IP), and then click "properties ".

4. In the window that will then open, select automatically get IP address, and when your computer is connected to the DI-524, the computer will automatically get the IP address.

5. Enter ping in the run box of the Start Menu.

D-Link DI-524 wireless router settings Step 4, the correct configuration of DI-524 Wireless Broadband Router

1. Open the Web browser, type http: // in the address bar, and press Enter.

2. In the login window that will be opened later, enter the username: admin, And the password is blank. Then, click OK ".

3. Enter the DI-524 configuration interface.

4. Click the "WAN" button in the left-side menu. You can select your internet service provider from the three WAN settings. The specific settings are as follows:

Method 1: Select "Dynamic IP Address" for Cable modem users). You can activate or disable the "Automatic reconnection" option below to meet your needs. Click "execute ".

The window prompts you to save and reactivate the settings. Click "continue". After a few seconds, the router is activated.

Method 2: Select "fixed IP Address". It is applicable when your network service provider provides you with a fixed IP address ), enter the IP address, subnet mask, ISP gateway address, and DNS Server Information provided by the network service provider in the static IP address. Click execute. After the DI-524 is re-activated, the WAN settings are executed and the activation status is as described in method 1 ).

Method 3: Select "PPPoE" DSL user), enter the PPPoE user name and password (the user name and password provided by the ISP to you), and enter the password twice. In the following online mode, you can set automatic connection, manual connection, and connection with traffic as required ". Then click execute, after the DI-524 is reactivated, the WAN settings are completed and the activation status is as described in method 1 ).

5. Wireless Network Configuration: on the home page, click "wireless network" on the left to display the following window. You can enter your wireless network name in the wireless network ID. You can add a key for your wireless network in security mode, to prevent other computers that you do not want to connect to your wireless network from connecting to the DI-524 wirelessly. For security mode, you can select WEP mode, WEP encryption is 64Bit, and HEX mode, you can enter 10 hexadecimal characters in the password. Click Run.

Step 5 of D-Link DI-524 wireless router configuration, using a computer with a wireless network card

1. on a computer with a wireless network card installed, open "network connection", right-click the wireless network connection to enable the wireless network.

2. After the wireless network card is enabled, right-click and choose find available wireless network ".

3. when an available wireless connection is found, the name of the wireless connection is the wireless network ID you filled in the DI-524 wireless network settings), you can enter the key as prompted, click OK to connect to the wireless network.

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