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Face the beautiful scene, we always can't help to take out the camera, the beauty of the moment with photos recorded. But you are not more than one time to wonder, the photos you take are either not satisfied with the light, or the composition is flawed, beauty can not be used in the hands of the camera to stay, it is inevitable regret unceasingly. Want to pass post-processing, and bother to learn complex software, had to again and again and beautiful photos missed.

Without the Master of the PS Foundation, it is impossible to obtain exquisite photos? Good photos provide us with a shortcut, it's not as powerful as professional software, to help you make up for the film left the regret, so that your creative play to the extreme. More importantly, it is easy to use, especially for the vast number of ordinary photography enthusiasts. Software technology leading HDR features, will lead a new round of the late-stage SLR processing trend, it can make every detail of the scene can be perfect restore, easy to get the exciting picture. After a good photo iphone version online less than a week quickly squeezed into the iphone APP store ranking of the first three, the constant map technology and then push the Windows version, small series to get good photos of Windows V1.0.0 experience the following features.

1. Embrace true HDR

We know that the reality of objects in the light and dark difference is very large, camera photography should also be set according to certain parameters. However, since the camera can only capture a fixed dynamic range, will inevitably lead to a single picture lost a lot of details, such as shooting landscape architecture and other themes, if you want to let the subject of the slightest, the sky and other areas of high light often overexposed, dark details can not be perfect show, seriously affect the overall performance of the picture. To solve this problem, we can take multiple photos with different exposures, and then use the HDR function of good photos for processing.

The HDR feature of a good photo shows the full range of visual dynamics in a single photo, and by taking photos based on different exposures, the software picks up the eye-pleasing parts and then intelligently synthesizes them into an almost perfect picture.

Compared to a lot of software with HDR features, and then use the real HDR features, you can experience the incredible "restore real" lighting and color performance!

Picture one, good photo intelligent selection Dynamic range, the exposure of different photos to synthesize

Figure II, through the synthesis, high light and dark parts are rich in detail, the picture has a remarkable upgrade

After running the photo, select "HDR" from the top toolbar and add more than two photos (note that they are in the same format and size). If there is a slight difference between the photos, you can tick "align" and "eliminate Ghost", and finally choose "Start", in just a few seconds, an amazing HDR image is generated, The pursuit of perfection, you can also do saturation, sharpness, highlights, black spots and other parameters modified, no matter whether the seaside shoot Sunset Sunrise, or the beach beach, can be perfect show.

2.RAW File Quick Processing

If your camera supports RAW format, please do not forget to use it, this format file records the most original photos, the most authentic information, do not do processing and compression, for post-production left a broad operability. We used to use Lightroom,nikon NX2, Aperture,iphoto, etc., but the advantage of good photos is that it can not only view raw files, adjust parameters, and, in contrast to lightroom these raw file conversion software, Join the local tonal mapping engine to significantly automatically improve the quality of raw file conversion pictures!

Figure three, even the green plant outside the window is clearly displayed

Use, from the top of the main interface select "RAW", and then open the file, good photos will automatically decode, recreate the color space, and then the processing of appropriate photos displayed. After that, you can adjust the parameters on the right side of the software as you would any other format picture. In addition, the good photos exclusive to provide color rich, natural restore, high contrast 3 tonal mapping processing engine, you do not even need to adjust any parameters to get amazing photos.

When you're done, click "Save as" to save the file on the left, or "share", and publish the photos to social networking sites such as Sina Weibo.

3. Large image real-time processing, a key to enhance the quality

Good photos in the image adjustment function has unparalleled advantages, the software supports large picture real-time processing, the highest pixel can hold 30 million, the processing of ordinary SLR photos can be a lot of time.

The pictures that were meant to be discarded, the good picture "image enhancement" technology may also bring you surprises. Click on "Quick Adjustment", into the "image enhancement", "ordinary" "strong" "Strengthen" the 3 choices, they can make dark photos become glorious, blurred photos become more clear and layered. The actual operation, you just click the mouse, good photos will be based on the characteristics of the picture, brightness, sharpness, contrast, saturation and other parameters for automatic settings, a dull picture, instant will become a masterpiece!

Figure IV, "image enhancement" to the magic of decay, the original plan to give up the photos of a brand-new

4. Aesthetic creative Filter, color control by you

Filters are good photos, image experts and photographers selected more than 40 exquisite effects, including Lomo, Analog, black and white, retro, and so on, there are more than 20 kinds of shading and borders, by combining them, you will certainly get a lot of satisfactory photos. It is worth mentioning that the "filter" function can also adjust the "dark angle", that is, the screen corners have darkened effect, make good use of it, you take photos can vividly imitate the effect of the old camera!

Figure V, all popular filters, good photos everything

Moving axes, partial coloring, puzzles-they are features of good photos, and you may have seen them on other software, but don't forget that good photos integrate all of these features and are completely free!

Axis can realize what we often say, "background of virtual" "Toy Model" "miniature landscape" and other effects, good photos provide 4 models, respectively, "Portrait, architecture, landscape, Macro", the selection of a preview of the picture will appear on the adjustment frame, you can drag it to set the location and size of the mouse; Aperture size "There are 8 intuitive small icons, they represent the lens aperture is not used, the larger the diameter of the more obvious background virtual.

Figure VI, Shift axis effect, highlight main body

Local coloring gives people a feeling of being an artist, and your mouse is a paintbrush. A good photo will turn a picture into black and white, and then you manually specify which parts are colored, and this special effect can often create an enchanted picture. When used, good photos provide real and mask two kinds of preview, you can adjust the brush size, softness, transparency and other parameters, the operation process is very simple and convenient.

Picture seven, a good photo for you to create a black and white world, and then you let it become rich and colorful

5. Basic/Professional Adjustment

To adjust photos, good photos for most users to consider, it is divided into "basic" and "professional" two ways, you can directly import photo adjustment, you can also be used to train photos after the processing of photos. The basic way is "rapid adjustment", including scaling, image enhancement, classic filters, such as one-click function, simply select the button under each item or drag the lever, you can quickly complete the photo adjustment.

"Professional adjustment" can be seen in the picture histogram information, there are "color adjustment, color adjustment, blur sharpening, color adjustment, Lens" and a series of professional settings, to meet the needs of high order users of the complex adjustment of photos, so you know the details of the photos.

Finally, do not forget that the modified photos to remember to save, or use a good photo built-in sharing function, your masterpiece quickly sent to friends and family to enjoy together!

Comments: A convenient and easy to operate image processing software, you can make everyone become a photographer! Powerful HDR features, raw file processing and many other functions to timely sharing, good photos using a one-stop service, the past to switch a few software to achieve the function, now only a few steps can be completed, Greatly saved our precious time! Good photos iphone version of the App store online less than a week, quickly squeezed into the Chinese area of the first free tools, the IPhone App Store ranking of three, more than all the domestic and foreign photography app application. Can a good photo be so well received by Windows?

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