Good season, crab drinking chrysanthemum day

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Although the autumn wind is getting cooler and the crab is fragrant, Dalian in the north is not easy to see the elegance of Chrysanthemum in full bloom, the prestige of General can still be dumped.

In the 90 months of every year, it is the best time for crabs to taste female crabs, especially in May. Although the crabs manually cultured in the pond of the local reservoir in Dalian are not big enough, they are heavy in their hands. The crab paste with the top cover is golden, even the female crab paste is purple-black. When talking about the flying crab in Dalian, it is even more delicious. The bigger flying crab is half a catalogue, so you can have a full lunch.

The crab meat is delicious, and it can't stop worrying about it. When it comes to eating, it is even more difficult. Even if there is a nasty dashboard in your ears, you can hear it, then again, a son-in-law of the Han nationality who married to Xinjiang sang Chairman Mao and sent his comrades in arms. Why did he say that he had to go top of the special term "dalang" in Xinjiang? I cannot understand the relationship between them. I think the first tape I bought when I was in junior high school is "Red Sun" for my parents. I don't know if you have an impression. It's really a red tape across the north and south of the river, playing sounds everywhere, singing all 6. singing song from Chairman Mao to singing the party in 1970s. The retro trend may not be swept once in a long time, but this time it is on this guy's head, I am puzzled.

Well, let's not talk about this. In June September, the Communist Party of China went to the tip of June October. The crab was drinking chrysanthemum, delicious Crab, and intoxicating wine, but it was a wonderful thing on earth. In addition, today is also July 22, August 15. May everyone be happy.

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