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Google AdSense Login, found that the terms of AdSense changed, asking users to accept the above "terms." This clause is very long, the language is obscure, I read it again did not see how to understand what the main explanation is, this kind of legal contract clause is really troublesome.

According to the official AdSense said that the updated content of the main two aspects: 1. About future releases of products and features. The terms and conditions of the possible future release of the product are expected. 2. Privacy requirements. The terms require the publisher to disclose to the user a transparent privacy policy and strict compliance. According to this policy, the Publisher must notify the user when collecting data from the advertisement through caching or network beacons.

I took a closer look at the privacy policy, inside said that the following situation, Google will be the AdSense publisher's information published: (i) there is documentary evidence to prove that the use of Google Confidential information and independent generation of information; (ii) the information that you duly receive from the third party; Information required to be disclosed by the law or by a government agency.

The following is the full content of this article, the user must accept the following terms before May 25, 2008, otherwise will not be able to login AdSense and change the account.

Google Advertising Alliance online Standard Terms

Before registering for the Google affiliate online program, be sure to read these Terms and answers very carefully. Participating in the Google Advertising Alliance online program means that you have accepted these terms. If you do not accept these terms, please do not register or participate in the Google Advertising Alliance online program.

Introduction . You and Google (hereinafter referred to as "Google") reached the Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "the agreement"), including the following Google Advertising Alliance Online Program (hereinafter referred to as "plan") standard terms (hereinafter referred to as "terms"). Google's general instructions for this plan can be found on the Web site of the planned FAQs ("FAQ"), which is, or can be found on other similar web sites that Google has provided from now on. "You" or "publisher" means the entity specified in the application form submitted by an entity or associated person, and/or any institution or network that carries on behalf of the entity, and these institutions or networks are also subject to the terms of this agreement.

      participation of the
    1. program. The to participate in this program requires prior approval from Google. In addition, you also need to always adhere to the planning Policy (hereinafter referred to as "Planning Policy"). You can find related planning policies through and/or other similar URLs that Google provides from time to times. Google has the right to refuse any applicant or participant to join the program on its own judgment. To participate in this program, you need to declare that you are over 18 years of age, and agree that Google can on your designated website, media Player, video content and/or mobile content, or Google in writing (including the use of e-mail) expressly authorized by other resources (such other resources referred to as "other resources"), and through such web sites, Media Player, video content, mobile content and/or other resources (each such website, media players, video content, mobile content, other resources, or feeds, known as a "resource", are released in Atom, RSS, or other feeds: (a) third parties and/or Google-provided advertising and/ or other content (such a third party provides advertising, Google provides ads and other content, collectively referred to as "advertising", but if Google provides the unpaid content, you can choose not to receive the content as part of the plan, (b)   related Google inquiries and/or advertising search box (collectively referred to as "link") , (c) Google Web and/or website search results (collectively referred to as "search results"), (d) and/or Google referral buttons (hereinafter referred to as "referral button"). For the removal of doubt, any specific "web", "website" or link referred to in this Agreement or policy plan as part of the resources also refers to the feeds and media players on such sites. Multiple accounts held by the same person or entity may be terminated immediately unless expressly authorized by Google in writing (including by email). You can register the program and create an account that is only for the purpose of receiving Google's payment (specifically, not for the purpose of displaying ads, links, search results, and/or referral buttons on a resource), in the case of certain Google written (including email) expressly authorized. However, if you subsequently use your account to participate in the program (that is, for the purpose of displaying ads, links, search results, and/or referral buttons on a resource), such use of the plan will be governed by the terms of this agreement. You must have and comply with the appropriate privacy policy, which expressly discloses that a third party can place and read cookies on your user's browser or use the site Beacon (Web beacon) to collect information as the ad is being put on your site. Your privacy policy should also include information about the user's choice of cookie management.
    1. the implementation and operation of advertising, search results and referrals. you agree to follow the specifications that Google provides to ensure that ads, links, search results, referral buttons, and Google brand features (defined below in part 12th below) are correctly put, displayed, tracked, and reported on your resources, including, but not limited to, the not available to Google JavaScript or other programs are modified in any way, except in the case of a written and explicit authorization by Google, including by email.
    • Search Advertising Alliance ( AD League for search ) . If you choose to receive search results, you should display the Google search box ("search box") on your resources according to the specifications provided by Google. In addition to the relevant Google queries, all search queries (including those entered in the Ad search box) should come from an individual end-user who enters data directly in your resource's search box (or ad search box, as appropriate). You should send all queries to Google (not to edit, filter, abridge, add conditions, or otherwise modify them individually or in general), and Google will make commercially reasonable efforts to provide you with the corresponding search results and/or advertisements (as appropriate). Search results and any accompanying ads will be displayed on a Web page that may be hosted by Google (each page is a "search results page"), and Google may change the format and appearance of the Google-hosted Web page from times to time.
    • Content Advertising Alliance ( AD League for content ) . all content and resource based ads (and ads to respond to the end user's clicks and queries entered in the link), if any) should be grouped by Google, and with links (if applicable) together with the standard format that Google will normally provide (as may be explained in the FAQ), Such groupings as advertising units (advertising and/or related links, always referred to as "ad units") are presented to end-users of the resource. Depending on your resources, you can choose to display the advertising unit in a format approved by Google, however, you need to acknowledge and agree to the advertisement and/or link: (i) should only be shown on the resources, and each resource is readily audited by Google on its own judgment, and then decide whether to approve it, and (ii) comply with the placement stipulated in this Agreement Principle.
    • referral. If you choose to use the Google Ad affiliate referral feature, you should add a referral button to your resources based on the specifications provided by Google. The end user who clicks the "push button" will go directly to the Web page that might be hosted by Google (the "referral page"), and the format and appearance of Google-hosted web pages may be modified from times to time. According to this agreement, when the end user clicks the "referral button" on the resource, the "promotion activity" is completed for the start of "promotion activity" and the promotion requirements for the related products are met. Such referral requirements, as well as the applicable payment amount for referral activities, are located in Https://] or other similar URLs provided by Google from time to times. You agree to follow the specifications that Google provides from time to time to ensure proper tracking and reporting of promotional activities that are put on your resources. Unless expressly authorized by Google in writing (including by email), it will not be possible to advertise promotional activities outside of the referral buttons on the resources.
    • Video Advertising Alliance (AD League for video). If you choose to use the Video advertising consortium, your participation depends on your adherence to the video advertising affiliate program policy, and you can pass the Or Google may provide other URLs to find relevant policy. All ads (including ads to respond to the end user's clicks and queries entered in the link), if any) should (1) be grouped by Google and linked (if applicable) together as an ad unit to the end-user of the resource, or (2) to play the third party video content in a previous, post, or slot-type manner, In all cases, the standard format that Google would normally provide from time to times (which may be further explained in the relevant policy) should be used. You acknowledge and agree that the ad will be displayed on the resource in Google's approved video format, and these ads: (i) only in the resources or non-advertising video content (collectively referred to as "video media") on display, any one of them at any time by Google in accordance with their own judgment to audit, and then decide whether to approve; Requests can only be made on video media enabled by end users. In addition, you agree to display only one (1) advertising unit at the same time only in your media player unless Google otherwise agrees in writing.
    • General principles; Advertising page; filter; test characteristics. you agree that on a Web page that displays any advertising unit, AD, link, search box, or Promotion button ("ad page"), do not show any ads or content that might cause the end user of your resources to confuse it with Google ads or other Google related content. Some of the Google services that are part of this program may contain filtering capabilities, such as SafeSearch or Adsafe, which you can use on your own account. However, if you choose to enable any such filter, you acknowledge and agree that (i) you are responsible for enabling these functions to follow the specifications provided by Google; (ii) Google does not promise nor promise that all results (including ads, links, and search results) will not exceed the range of results chosen for enabling these filters. Some of the features of the plan are marked as "tested" or not supported ("Test features"). To the fullest extent permitted by law, the test feature is provided in its "current status" for your choice and use at your own risk. You may not disclose any information obtained from test features to any third party, disclose the existence of non-public test features, or disclose access to test features.
    1. only with Google Contact. for any ads or links displayed on your resources, you agree to contact Google only directly and not with any advertiser.
    1. responsibilities of both parties. you are fully responsible for the resources, including all the content and materials of the site, and you are responsible for maintaining and operating them, correctly enforcing Google's specifications, and complying with the terms of this agreement, including compliance with the plan policy. Google has the right to investigate any act that may violate this agreement, including but not limited to any use of software applications to access advertisements, links, search results or referral buttons, or to complete any promotional activity or any act prohibited by this agreement. Google is not responsible for any work related to your resources, including but not limited to the end-user queries that receive your resources, or the transfer of data between your resources and Google. In addition, Google is not obligated to notify you when ads, links, search results, or referral buttons are not properly displayed to the end user of the resource or the end user is not able to complete the promotion activities properly.
  1. Forbidden to use. You may not engage in the following activities, or authorize or abet any third party to engage in the following activities: (i) direct or indirect access to any advertisement, link, search result, or referral button (including but not limited to the "playback" of any video advertisement by clicking on any automatic, fraudulent, deceptive or otherwise ineffective manner) The number of queries, referral activities, display times, or clicks, including but not limited to artificially repeated clicks, using bots or other automated query tools and/or computers to generate search requests and/or unauthorized use of other search engine optimization services and/or software; Without Google's authorization to use any way to edit, modify, filter, delete or change any ads, links, advertising units, search results or referral buttons contained in the information or change their order, or remove, hide any ads, links, ad unit search results or referral buttons or minimize them; Any page that is accessed after the end user clicks any part of the AD ("Advertiser page"), search results pages or referral pages are framed, minimized, deleted, or otherwise prohibited from being displayed; (iv) REDIRECT end users from any advertiser, search results, or referral page elsewhere The Advertiser page, search results page, or referral page version provided is different from the end user's direct access to The Advertiser page, a Web page that is seen by a search results page or referral page, and any content between the ad and advertiser pages, between the page containing the search box and the search results page, or between the referral button and the referral page, or otherwise provide direct links that are different from advertising to advertiser pages; anything from a Web page that contains a search box to a direct link to a search results page or a direct link from a referral button to a referral page; (v) Display ads, links, or referral buttons in any content that contains pornographic content, incitement to hatred, Violent content or illegal content on any Web page or website; (vi) Access, launch and/or enable ads, links, search results, or referral buttons, or otherwise incorporate ads, links, search results, or referral buttons, directly or indirectly, through any software application, other Web site, or other means other than your resources , except as expressly permitted in this Agreement; (vii) any part, copy or derivation of information or information obtained by any link, advertisement, search result or referral button is stored or cached in a "crawl", "spider", index or any other non temporary manner; Any plan policy or any other agreement between you and Google (including but not limited to the Google Advertising affiliate program) in any way in violation of any planned policies published on Google's website and updated from time to time; (ix) Spreading a malicious program, (x) creating a new account after Google terminates this agreement with you in violation of this agreement to use the plan ; or (xi) any negative impact on Google, Google, or other ways to discreditOr damage Google's reputation or goodwill behavior or practices. You acknowledge that any attempt to participate in such action or in contravention of any of the foregoing provisions is materially contrary to this agreement, we may ask you to take all applicable legal and fair remedies, including immediate suspension of your account or termination of this agreement, and to take all applicable civil or criminal remedies.
    1. To terminate or cancel. subject to any third party agreement you may have with other Google customers (such as your web hosting company), you can delete your resources from Google JavaScript or similar programs at any time to stop displaying ads, links, search boxes or referral buttons on any resource in this program, And can not provide any reason. You may at any time send a written notice to the to terminate this agreement and may not provide any justification. Within 10 (10) business days after Google receives your notice, this agreement will be deemed terminated. Google will investigate any action that may violate this agreement. Google may, at its discretion, terminate all or any part of the plan at any time for any reason, terminate this agreement, or suspend or terminate any resources to participate in all or part of the plan. In addition, Google has the right to terminate any account in two (2) months or longer when the advertisement or referral button does not produce a sufficient number of clicks or does not produce enough advertising effective display times (in any case, based on Google) and without notice. Parts 3rd, 6th to 10th and 14th to 17th remain in force for any reason to terminate the participation of any resources in the scheme or to terminate this agreement.
    1. Confidential . You agree not to disclose Google confidential information without prior written permission from Google. Google Confidential information includes but is not limited to: (a) All Google software, technology, procedures, specifications, materials, guidelines and documentation related to the program; (b) The CTR information or other statistics that Google provides to you in relation to the performance of the resource; and (c) Google is designated "confidential" in writing. or any other information specified by equality. However, you can truthfully disclose the total amount paid by Google to you under this plan. Google Confidential information does not include information that is not publicly disclosed as a result of a breach by you or Google, or the following information: (i) there is documentary evidence to prove that the information has not been generated independently of the use of Google Confidential information; (ii) information that you duly receive from a third party; (iii) information requested by the law or by a government agency.
    1. not guaranteed. According to this agreement, Google's display of the level of advertising or any advertising or referral button level, the number of times to achieve these displays and/or clicks, the promotion of the completion of the promotional activities and the amount of money paid to you do not guarantee. In addition, in order to avoid doubt, we hereby declare that Google does not guarantee that this program will operate at all times or in any downtime due to the following reasons: (i) due to power outages (suspension) of any public Internet backbone, network or server; (ii) any failure of your device, system, or local access service (iii) Due to prearranged maintenance, or (iv) related to events not controlled by Google (or its wholly owned subsidiaries), such as strikes, riots, riots, fires, floods, explosions, wars, government acts, working conditions, earthquakes, Natural disasters or disruption of internet services at Google (or its wholly owned subsidiaries) or your server location.
    1. Non-guarantee. Google does not make any warranties, express or implied, including, but not limited to, warranties relating to advertisements, links, searches, referrals and other services, and expressly disclaims any warranties and conditions for non-infringement, merchantability, fitness for any particular purpose. If ads, links, and search results are not based on Google's content or a display that is related to non-Google content, Google will not assume responsibility for displaying these ads, links, and search results.
    1. Limited liability; In addition to the exemption or confidentiality obligation to be assumed under this agreement, or you violate any intellectual property rights and/or ownership relating to the plan, (i) in any case, neither party shall be liable for any subsequent, special, indirect, punitive or alarming loss (whether by contract, Civil tort laws or other legal principles) are liable even if they have been told that they may cause such losses, or that the disclaimer is valid even if the limited remedies mentioned herein do not achieve their basic purpose. (ii) The total amount of compensation to be paid by Google in respect of any claim by the Publisher under this Agreement shall be limited to the net amount of advertising fees that Google pays to the publisher in the three months prior to the date of the claim. Both parties acknowledge that the other party has reached this agreement under the terms of the limitation of liability under this agreement, which are the basis for negotiations between the parties. Without limiting the foregoing, the Parties hereto shall not be liable for any breach of contract or delay arising out of events outside their normal control, including, but not limited to, government control or terrorist activities, earthquakes or other natural disasters, strikes and blackouts.
  1. Payment。 You will be in accordance with Google to participate in the program's participants to determine the number of ads on the resources displayed effective clicks, payment is received for effective display times, effective completion of the number of referral activities through the referral button, and/or other activities performed in connection with the display of advertisements on your resources. If you choose to receive the search results, this payment will be offset by the fees applicable to the search results. Unless otherwise agreed by both parties in writing (including by email), otherwise, at the end of each calendar month when the advertisement or referral button is on your resource or advertised on the search results page, if your balance reaches 100 US dollars or more, then Google should pay you within about 30 days (30) thereafter. In the event of termination of the agreement, Google shall pay you the income balance within approximately 90 days after the end of the calendar month of your or Google termination of the agreement (the date you terminate the agreement should be calculated from Google's written application for termination of the agreement, "written" including by email). But Google will not pay any income balance of less than 10 dollars. Notwithstanding these provisions, however, Google is not responsible for paying the costs associated with: (a) The amount of income (including, for that reason) of any invalid inquiries, invalid referral activities, or invalid clicks or displays made by any person, Rover, automated program or similar device (as reasonably judged by Google) for any advertisement; But not limited to any of the following clicks or shows: (i) originating from your IP address or the computer you control, (ii) through money payment, false representation or application requested by the end user on the ad click, or (iii) through money payment, false representation, An illegal or invalid application requested by the end user to complete the referral activities); (b) Advertising or referral buttons for end users who have disabled JavaScript in their browsers; (c) Advertisements for charities and other alternative advertising or transparent advertising by Google; or (d) during any applicable payment period, and (a The number of clicks that are described in the amount of invalid clicks, or any other actions that violate this agreement. After any reasonable investigation by Google of any of the above reasons or any of your actions which violate this agreement, Google may, for any of these reasons or any breach of this agreement by you, or because advertisers in your resources to display ads in arrears should be paid to Google advertising fees, and retain your payment or deducted from your account. Also, if you have any overdue arrears related to any Google program (including but not limited to the Google Advertising affiliate program) have not yet been paid to Google, Google reserves the right to withhold payment until all outstanding payments are settled, or the amount owed to you in this plan is offset by the amount you owe Google. In order to ensure a smooth payment, you should be fully responsible for your account-related address and other contact information and payment information that you provide and maintain. For US taxpayers, this information includes but is not limited to valid U.S. tax numbers and fills in the complete W-9 table. For non-US taxpayers,This information includes, but is not limited to, proof of the taxpayer's lack of business activity in the United States (located in: Https:// Tax Information page, or other similar URLs provided by Google from time to to find the relevant instructions) or fill out the complete table W-8 or other tables. These tables may require a valid U.S. tax number, as required by the U.S. tax authorities. If the cheque is returned or canceled due to incorrect or incomplete contact information or payment information, you may deduct the bank charges associated with your newly generated payment amount. You agree to pay any applicable tax levied by any government agency in connection with your participation in the program. Google may change the pricing and/or payment structure at any time. If you dispute any payment under this plan, you will need to notify Google in writing within 30 (30) days of payment of any such payments, and if you do not notify Google, you waive any claim relating to any such dispute payment. Payment should be based entirely on records maintained by Google. Google does not accept any other type of metering or statistical information, which should not have any impact on this agreement. Except as expressly authorized by Google in writing (including by email), payments made under this Agreement shall be provided only to you and may not be transferred or transferred to any third party in any way (i.e., the allocation of funds to resources that are managed by you but that require separate payment). Google may at times reserve funds, remuneration and other payments that should be paid to you in connection with the plan. You acknowledge and agree that Google, without further notice to you, donates to the charitable organization of its choice all funds, remuneration and other payments (if any) that are reserved by Google but payable to you, provided that such amounts are not paid or delivered to you by the loss of your account (as defined below). "Inactivation" refers to the following situations (based on Google's Records): (a) You have not logged in to your account or have not accepted the amount of money, remuneration or other payments that Google is attempting to make to you for up to two (2) years or more, and (b) after contacting you via the address shown in Google Records, Google is unable to contact you or has not received the clear enough payment instructions you have provided.
    1. propaganda. you agree that Google can apply your name and logo to presentations, marketing materials, customer lists, financial reports, customer lists of Web sites, search results pages, and referral pages. You can use Google's business name, trademarks, service marks, logos, domain names, and other distinctive brand features ("Brand features"), as long as such use complies with this agreement and Google's latest brand feature usage guide and any content contained in or referenced herein. The guide is located at the following Web site: (or other such URLs as Google has provided from time to age).
    1. Declaration and assurance. you declare and warrant (a) that all information you provide to Google in registering the plan is correct and up-to-date; (b) You are the owner of each resource, or you have obtained legal authority to represent the owners of these resources in this agreement and in this plan; (c) You have obtained all the necessary rights, powers and authorizations , to be able to sign this agreement and to take the action required by this Agreement; (d) comply with and continue to comply with all applicable laws, decrees, regulations and regulations (including but not limited to the 2003 Spam Control Act) in the course of any action you have taken under this Agreement (Can-spam Act of 2003 and any other laws relating to data protection or privacy). In addition, in the case of your website being a media player, (1) You declare and warrant that for the purposes of this Agreement and the plan, you have a legitimate license to use and distribute the media player (including all contents, including but not limited to any advertising or advertising unit) ; and (2) you should ensure that any media player that makes up the website shall comply with the terms and conditions stipulated in this agreement. You further declare and guarantee each resource and all materials therein: (i) comply with all applicable laws, decrees, regulations and regulations, and (ii) do not violate and have not violated the obligations to any person or entity and the rights of any person or entity, including but not limited to intellectual property rights, public rights or privacy, or consumer protection, Rights or obligations under product liability, civil tort or contract theory; (iii) There is no pornographic content, hate content or violent content.
    1. you should be responsible for the protection obligations. you agree to protect Google and its agents, affiliates, affiliates, directors, managers, employees and applicable third parties (such as relevant advertisers, partner websites, licensing authorities, license recipients, consultants and contractors) (collectively, "Protected Persons"), Keep them free from any and all third parties as you use this program, resources and/or claims, liabilities, losses and expenses (including damages, settlement fees and reasonable legal fees) arising out of or likely to be or related to any "protected person" in contravention of any of the terms of this agreement.
    1. Google's rights. you acknowledge that Google in this program and on this program (including Google's advertising technology, search techniques, referral technologies, and branding features, including implied licenses, do not include any items that Google has licensed from a third party, and does not include any third-party media players that may constitute a resource, with all rights, rights and interests, Includes but is not limited to all intellectual property rights (as described below). Unless expressly provided in this agreement, you will not require any right, title or interest in this plan and in the plan. For any service to Google, software or documentation, you will not modify, adapt, translate, produce derivative works, decompile, reverse engineer, decompose, or otherwise attempt to export source code, nor create or attempt to create alternative or similar services or products by using or accessing plans or proprietary information related to this. You will not delete, hide or tamper with any of the services attached or included in Google, Google's brand features in software or documentation (including but not limited to ads, links, search boxes, search results, and/or referral buttons), depending on the specific application. "Intellectual property" means that under the patent law, any and all rights of copyright law, semiconductor chip protection Law, moral rights law, Trade Secrets Act, trademark law, anti-unfair competition law, public right law, privacy law and all other proprietary rights, and any and all of these rights and all applications, renewals, extensions, Recovery and restoration, whether or not these rights are now in force on a global scale or in the future.
    1. information Right. subject to Google's privacy policy (, or other similar sites that Google provides from time to times), Google will retain and use all the information you provide, Includes, but is not limited to, resource user information statistics and contact and settlement information. You agree that Google will transmit and disclose to third parties the information that is identifiable to you in order to approve your accession to this program, including the legal limitation of the relevant data to the jurisdiction in which it is located, less than the third party in your jurisdiction who transmits and discloses your information. Google may also provide such information in conjunction with effective legal procedures (such as subpoenas, search warrants and court order) to assert or exercise its legal rights or to safeguard its own legal interests. However, Google assumes no responsibility for any such third party disclosure of this information and is not responsible to you. Google can disclose to advertisers, business partners, sponsors, and other third parties information collected by Google about you but will not disclose your personal identity, including resource URLs, specific site statistics, and similar information. In addition, you authorize Google to access resources or any part of it, or to index and cache them, including automated methods such as network spider or crawler tools.
  1. other terms. This Agreement shall be governed and governed by and construed in accordance with the domestic law of the People's Republic of China, excluding its conflict law norms. The parties agree to resolve any dispute, dispute or claim ("dispute") arising out of this agreement, relating to this agreement or in connection with this agreement within 30 (30) days in accordance with the principles of good faith. If the dispute has not been settled within 30 (30) days of the dispute, the dispute must be submitted to arbitration and resolved through arbitration (both parties expressly agree and comply with this agreement). The arbitration shall be submitted to the International Dispute Settlement center of the "American Arbitration Association" ("AAA") in accordance with the AAA's "Commercial Arbitration Rules" ("rules") which are valid on the date of this agreement. The exchange of information prior to the hearing shall be limited to the reasonable production of the relevant non-confidential documents and shall be completed expeditiously. Three (3) arbitrators shall be appointed in the following manner: Each Party shall designate an arbitrator who shall nominate a Chairman within 30 (30) days after the confirmation of the arbitrator appointed by the last party. The Arbitral tribunal shall not act only as a friendly mediator or solely on the basis of fair and good principles. Except in exceptional circumstances, the intention of both parties is to conclude the arbitral proceedings within 60 (60) days from the date of the final arbitrator's selection. The arbitral tribunal may extend the time limit for reasons of ensuring impartiality. Failure to comply with the time limit does not constitute a basis for questioning arbitral awards. The arbitration will be conducted in English and will be the place of arbitration in Santa Clara County (Santa Clara County), California State. Any party may, without giving up the relief under this agreement, to apply to the arbitral tribunal and/or any court of competent jurisdiction for any temporary, injunctive or protective relief necessary for the protection of the rights or property of that party until the arbitral award is made or the dispute is otherwise resolved. Any decision made by the arbitral tribunal shall be final and binding on both parties, and the judgment thereon may be made by a court of competent jurisdiction, including but not limited to any court having jurisdiction over either party or any of its assets. The parties expressly agree to authorize the arbitral tribunal to make equitable relief or injunctive relief on matters referred to the arbitral tribunal, provided that such relief is consistent with the remedies and restrictions set forth in this agreement. The Parties agree that all arbitral proceedings under this section (including the existence of any arbitral proceedings, the information disclosed in the arbitration proceedings, and any reconciliation, consultation, discussion, proposal and award relating to it) shall be treated as confidential and subject to the NDA confidentiality provisions. However, the parties may disclose such information to the appropriate court in order to seek enforcement of any decision made by the arbitral tribunal. This agreement is all agreed upon by the parties in respect of the subject matter of this agreement. If any modification is to be made to this agreement, both parties shall do so in writing, and sign after Google has updated these terms before you accept these updated terms online or after you continue to participate in the plan. The failure to enforce any of the provisions does not affect the right of a party to request the implementation of this provision at a later date; the act of violating this "agreement" is not to be investigated at one time, and does not mean that any subsequent breach of contract will not be investigated or waived.。 If any of the provisions of this Agreement are not enforceable, such provisions shall be amended to reflect the intent of the parties, and the other provisions of this Agreement shall remain in full force. No rights conferred on you by this Agreement shall be resold, transferred or allowed. Once any such action is found, this agreement will terminate and Google shall not be held responsible. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Google may transfer this agreement at any time without prior notice. Google's relationship with you is not a legal partnership, but an independent contractual relationship.

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