Google began to blur the face of characters in street scenes

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Due to privacy concerns, Google began to test the face virtualization technology of Google Street View. This technology uses computer algorithms to search for and blur human faces from the Google Street View database. John Hanke, Google earch and head of Google Maps, mentioned in an interview at the where 2.0 Conference.

Google announced on its official blog that it has launched the test in the Manhattan region and will eventually be used in a wider area. Hanke mentioned that dealing with privacy issues is not only a legal requirement, but also a public need. It is difficult but necessary.

This is a legal issue, he said. He compared this issue with satellite images in Google Maps. We need time to make public, legal, and Google satisfied with this feature.

The privacy issues exposed by Google Street View are not limited to human faces. For example, some people do not like the exposure of their houses. However, since Google Street View was released in May 2007, disputes have gradually subsided. At the same time, some other companies are also developing similar technologies.

Google Street View is shooting streets from the driver's Perspective (unless the camera is covered with plastic bags), and Google seems to be collecting street views in Europe, including Milan, Rome and Paris.

In May April, a couple sued Google for taking pictures of street scenes, but in the United States, taking pictures on the street is allowed, although the standards are different. The French Embassy in the United States said that we need to seek a balance on what can be made public. We need to respect the freedom of information and expression, and prevent the spread of public curiosity from harming personal privacy.

Several years of research on face-to-face Technology

Hanke said that face virtualization technology has been developed for a year, and previous research has continued for several years. Face recognition is very easy for people. It takes decades for computers to finally have the product that is being formed. Even so, digital cameras still require people to smile while performing facial recognition.

The Blur of Google Street View is more complicated. By mistake, the face in billboards or art will reduce the fun of the street view, and missing some real faces without being virtualized will bring about privacy issues. Google believes that their technology has achieved a technical balance in general. Hanke said that it is currently working well. We also use several technologies for filtering, but it is still not perfect. Sometimes it is difficult for computers to recognize less obvious faces, such as hair, blocked by a wire pole, or side-to-side faces, but this is a good thing for Google Street View.


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