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Google brand new logo release: To adapt to more platforms-brothers and IT education

September 2 News, early this morning, Google suddenly announced the adoption of a new logo logo, the company said the purpose of the change is to be able to adapt to smart phones, watches, cars and other mobile intelligent terminals. The Google logo change is also since 1998 the company since the birth of the largest logo style change.

The new logo is still "GOOGLE" six letters, but the font has been redesigned to adopt a sans-serif style with a more sleek and modern font. GOOGLE's simplified logo "G" has also been replaced with the "G", which is spliced by four colors. Google will gradually be in all its products to enable a new logo.

The following is the full text of Google's official blog:

Over the past 17, Google has changed a lot-from the launch of our range of products to the constant updating of their appearance and usage experience. Today, we will make a change again.

So, why do we have to make such a change? Once upon a time, people could only access Google through a device such as a desktop computer. Today, people use Google's products through a variety of platforms, applications, and devices in one day. You expect Google to help whenever and wherever you need it, whether it's on a mobile phone, a TV, a watch, a dashboard in a car, and, of course, a desktop.

Today, we're going to introduce a new visual language that can reflect the reality and show you how Google uses a small display screen to cast magic. You will find that we have replaced the Googlelogo and trademarks, which were originally designed to be used on a single desktop browser page, and are constantly updated to accommodate a seamless world in countless devices and different types of input, such as touch screens, typing and dialogs.

It's not just that you're using Google, it also shows how Google is doing it for you. For example, some new elements like the color Google microphone icon can help you identify and interact with Google, whether you're talking, clicking a mouse, or typing. At the same time, we bid farewell to the small blue "G" icon, replaced with the overall logo unified symbol.

This is not our first time to change the logo, of course, will not be the last time, but, we think today's update is a good reflection of Google is through Search,maps,gmail,chrome and other products to serve you in different ways. We think this time the Googlelogo is very good (simple, neat, colorful, friendly), of course, make these changes not only for Google today, but also to meet Google a better tomorrow.

Soon you'll be able to see the new designs all over our different products. I hope you enjoy the change.

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