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Since Google browser farewell to the domestic, many users have found that "Thunder download support" approach has been basically unworkable. Google is doing this in the hope that you can install it through the Chrome online app Store. But because of the "well-known" reasons, Google's Web site is now not open ... So we can only teach you users, Google browser to add Thunder download support method.

To add a step:

1, click download "Thunder Download support Extension" installation file: THUNDER-DOWNLOAD-EXTENSION-FOR-CHROME_V3.1.CRX

2, open the Chrome browser, enter chrome://extensions in the Address bar and press ENTER, will open the "extender" page.

3, select the download good "THUNDER-DOWNLOAD-EXTENSION-FOR-CHROME_V3.1.CRX" file

4, hold down the left mouse button to drag the file to the main interface of the Chrome browser, see the "Drag and drop to install" Prompt in the Chrome browser, release the left mouse button

5, in the Pop-up confirmation window click "Add" can be.


Occasionally someone said, installed the Thunder download support extension, the Web page with "Save as" download when the Thunderbolt will also "force pop-up." Say we are too rogue ... We are so wronged that we can only blame google!

This is because we use the Chrome Downloads API provided by Google to get download requests. The advantage of this is that the download request is highly accurate and can be accurately captured for previously imperceptible dynamic links. But when Google defines the API, it does not subdivide the trigger, as long as the download request is passed to us. The result is that our extensions can't tell whether the user is downloading by clicking left click, or if the right button is saved as a download.

We are aware of the problem with this experience. But there is no technical means to avoid, so we are in the Chrome browser "Thunder Download Support" toolbar icon menu, add 2 kinds of solutions.

1, cancel the "Monitoring dynamic Chain" option. As long as the "Watch Dynamic Chain" is canceled, the "Thunder Download support extension" will not invoke the Chrome Downloads API to obtain download requests, thus avoiding the save the last pull thunder. The disadvantage is that the accuracy of obtaining download requests can be drastically reduced.

2, if you think you often do "save as" the operation of the site does not need to use Thunder to download, you can choose "This page does not relate to the Thunderbolt, the site all pages do not related to the Thunderbolt." This way, you can maintain the accuracy of the download request, while at the specified "Web site, Web page" to avoid the Save the last pull thunder.

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