Google Browser v43.0.2357.130 update what

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Google browser ushered in the 43.0.2357.130 version, Google browser v43.0.2357.130 update what? What are the new experiences? The following small series for everyone to bring a new version of Googlechrome features.

Google Browser v43.0.2357.130 updated what googlechrome new features

Google browser Chrome stable stable version ushered in a routine upgrade, the new version of Chromev43.0.2357.130, the update of the stability improvement and bug fix! Google Chrome, also known as Google Browser, is a web browser developed by Google (Google) Inc. The browser is written based on other Open-source software, including WebKit, which aims to enhance stability, speed, and security and create a simple and efficient interface.

Google Browser v43.0.2357.130 update:

-Flash controls to v18.0.0.160 official edition

-New Massive application extensions and web platform APIs;

-V42 has officially stopped support for the Npapi plug-in, now the default installation supports only 5 Ppapi plug-ins;

Google browser v43.0.2357.130 update what? Googlechrome new features for everyone to introduce here

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