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I used to look forward to the Chinese version of Google Maps in "Application Development and Analysis of Google Maps ".
The birth of APIS is expected to create Google map applications for thousands of third-party websites. Today, I accidentally discovered that the Chinese map API has already appeared.

In fact, unfortunately, today I found that a Google Maps satellite map application developed by myself cannot display satellite Maps. I thought it was an API update, so I went to the official Google
View the Maps documentation center. I found that the Google Maps API documentation in the English version turned into Chinese.
In API programming resource Daquan ", I clearly remember that this document is in English, but now the official version of the Chinese version has been released. I will take a closer look and find the introduction to Google Maps.
The API already supports map data in China. You only need to manually change in the code to to call the map data on the Google China server, at the end of the document, we also provided several demos for Google's Chinese map API. You can try out what functions Google maps of the Chinese version can develop.

I tried the demonstration program of the Chinese map and found that is marked in the lower right corner, only the traffic map, but there is no controversial satellite map, but I think this is enough, because we need to call the data of satellite maps, we can use, and the emergence of traffic map APIs has enough applications that I can think of, for example, tourism information network, add traffic map or satellite map information next to the classic introduction, restaurant review network, and visit traffic map, shopping guide network, and merchant map during the introduction, there are too many websites that need map information. If Google promotes this map API, I think there will be countless websites working for Google for free and using Google map data for free, promote Google for free. Some programmers in China and Google
The Maps API allows thousands of programmers in China to help Google write applications. What a tempting product development model is this.

You can switch from a traffic map to a Satellite map. After finding a location on, replace ditu in the address bar with maps, open the address, and click "Satellite (Satellite, you can see the satellite map of this location. Due to legal restrictions in China, Google cannot directly implement these two systems on the same interface. However, in terms of actual application results,'s data, operation methods, and even APIs have been completely consistent with, which is a great data update.

However, what is puzzling is that Google's China map is too low-key at the moment, and a feature update that is so big is not included. If I don't go to the API documentation, I don't know yet.

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