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The advent of Google's self-built Fiber-optic broadband network, Google Fiber, has attracted numerous attention and attention. Google Fiber's high-speed network is 100 times faster than traditional broadband, and will reach 1000 Mbps. People believe that if Google Fiber-like high-speed networks can be truly popularized, there will be many unimaginable changes on the Internet. However, Google actually wants to serve as an ISP, and there are still many problems to implement Google Fiber. These problems are likely to be faced by the implementation of high-speed networks around the world later. Therefore, I would like to discuss them here.

Google Fiber's first question is how to meet as many user needs as possible in as short as possible.The population in different regions in a region is classified into dense ones, and people in different regions may have different degrees of acceptance of the high-speed network. Therefore, the implementation of Google Fiber in Kansas City must follow the needs of different regions in Kansas City. In this regard, Google has come up with a set of solutions. Google divides Kansas City by geographical location in the unit of fiber hood, each of which has to families. At the same time, Google is currently collecting statistics on the family's requirements for Google Fiber and asking interested families to pre-register. After that, Google will rank the queues based on the number of pre-registered families, and then combine other information to determine the order of Google Fiber implementation in each queue. In doing so, on the one hand, it can avoid resource waste and save costs, and more importantly, it can enable Google Fiber to meet the needs of most people as soon as possible.

Another problem is the installation of Google Fiber. This mainly involves the supply of network technicians.Google Fiber's home-to-home installation will certainly be different from the traditional network, which requires Google to train a group of professional technicians. However, Google has chosen to break the corners of some traditional ISPs of its competitors from the ground up, recruiting their technical staff to give them simple training on Google Fiber installation. This is much easier than training new users from scratch.

There is also a customer service problem. Google's poor customer service has always been criticized.Simple Web-based FAQ, automatic generation of customer service answers-the "cold" form of customer service can always make people feel a bit cool about Google. An important reason why Google fails to push the Nexus One smartphone is its poor customer service. On the other hand, the ISP industry has high requirements on customer service quality. Many users complain that their ISP is not slow because of slow network speed, but because of slow customer service response and poor customer service quality. Google is inherently inadequate in this regard, so more efforts are needed.

The last problem is the content. With the launch of Google Fiber, Google also launched an additional service-Google Fiber TV.This network TV service provides users with 2 TB of storage space, allowing users to record 8 TV programs at the same time. At the same time, this service uses Nexus7 tablet as the standard Remote Terminal of TV to fundamentally change the way users interact with TV. The service is good, but it still faces a big problem-content. Currently, Google Fiber TV and many large TV networks, such as ESPN, Disney, AMC, TBS, TNT, and HBO, are working slowly. This requires Google to handle it as soon as possible and properly.

Readers should note that this article is not about Google Fiber, but points out that Google Fiber still faces many details to be implemented. We also hope to see how Google solves these problems step by step, so as to provide some inspiration for building similar high-speed networks in other regions of the world.

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