Google Firebase Unity access to the pit

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Let's just say run the demo and hit the pit.


This is the Setup Guide for Firebase Unity.

About writing steps:

1. Firebase Console ( set up your API key to create a good app

2. Download Good googleservice-info.plist (IOS), Google-services.json (Android), and throw it into the Unity Engineering directory, which is firebase to initialize

3. SDK download down, unzip, Import Unitypackage,

There are a number of different functional directions, taking Firebaseanalytics as an example

4. Set bundle identifier, set minimum API level (this package lowest 14, others do not know)

5. Build, if everything OK without error you are very happy! If there is an error (I have 23 ... ), similar to:

Failed to

Failed to

This is because some of your Android SDK is not up to date, open SDK Manager and find these two:

Try to update them to the latest, build again, the world should be peaceful.

Quote: "Google Repository is primarily for gradle use, adding references such as Google Play service. This allows Gradle to use the libraries in Google's Maven repository without having to go to maven centee or Jcenter. ”

As for the SDK Manager update is not, you can FQ, you can select Add force, you can change the host, you can refer to (, can also be like me more than the above is not but the night to try to become ...

Google Firebase Unity access to the pit

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