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Google Translate PDF documentation


Although there are many translation software, there are very few software that can be used for full-text/full-text translation,

Documents involving professional technologies and human resources competent for translation work are scarce, so engineers are indispensable;

Because most of them are in PDF format, even if you want to translate a summary, You have to toss it back several times:

Save as TXT text → segment-by-segment translation → insert Translation results → re-edit...


The powerful functions of Google translation have always been widely talked about.

However, Google can also directly translate word or PDF documents in addition to translating some text or webpages online!

That is, when you enter the URL of a word or PDF document and then click the "translate" button,

Regardless of whether the document is indexed by Google, Google will first convert it into an HTML file and then translate it.

Http:// /? Hl = ZH-CN & tab = wt #

Test file:



Google Translate gadgets webpage code:

<SCRIPT src = " Url = ">



Mark-up URL:



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