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Yesterday, I opened my website as usual, but Firefox gave me a big warning page, "this website may contain malware and may harm your computer ", this can scare me, a good web client. How can I add my website to a malicious website? Google Baidu immediately started crisis handling ".

1. check Google's diagnostic details and find that Google detected a website problem one day ago. Trojans and worms listed a dozen and hosts listed on the domain name ****
2. log on to the Google webmaster tool. The message sent by Google tells me that my website may spread malicious code and displays a message on the webmaster tool homepage. Open the prompt information details, find some of the URLs that may have malicious code listed by Google, even the and are included in it, it is really puzzled.

3. first, I read all the URLs listed here one by one without any exceptions. I checked the webpage code and found no hidden IFRAME or malicious links; then I read the links of my website one by one, and none of them were listed as malicious websites.

4. It seems that Google is playing with me, so I went back to the Google webmaster tool and submitted it to Google for review.

5. check Google webmaster tool again around 10 o'clock in the evening and find that Google has completed review, prompting me that I have not found any problems. Search Google for "it interview manual ", the warning "this website may contain malware and may harm your computer" has disappeared. However, after you click my website link, Firefox reminds you of malicious websites. It may take some time for Google to process it.

6. I re-opened the website this morning. Everything was normal and I was relieved.


Think carefully about the cause of this problem, probably because of the previous spam comments. Although I deleted it in a timely manner, I still cannot prevent it from being searched by Google, go to the website background and review the comments. I hope this will not happen again in the future.



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