Google has improved its personality homepage to put junk news in the recommendations

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Today, Theverge wrote a shelling of Google because the latter has improved its personality homepage, adding headlines to the tabloid's junk-onion news.

The news was issued by the British Metro, which said that aliens were taking the energy from the sun and that the source was from an anonymous poster in a UFO community.

Reported that Google improved the hot smell search recommended, will have the timeliness of hot news highlighted "top Stories", but some media by repeatedly tamper with the time to improve real-time ranking increase the weight, at the same time because the topic is very explosive and curiosity, the probability of being cited is particularly high.

The author also cited the Loch Ness monster example, Google's most recommended article from the Swedish tabloid, showing that it was issued these days, but it is actually 1 years ago, "fabricated."

However, there seems to be no solution at the moment, especially for people who really like to use search engines to find useful information. The foreigner sighs, the rational world should not be surrounded by these false news, moreover still is the most commonly used entrance engine.

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