Google releases 64-bit Chrome for Windows 7/8

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Google announced today that it will provide 64-bit Chrome to users on Windows 7 and Windows 8. From now on, as long as the 64-bit system is used to download Chrome from both Dev and Canary channels, it is a 64-bit platform by default, and the 32-bit version will continue to be provided. According to Google, 64-bit Chrome uses a more modern instruction set and optimizes the compiler for 64-bit processors, bringing more function parameters and speed advantages of register storage, therefore, there will be a significant increase in speed, especially the processing of graphics and multimedia content will become smoother, quantified, and the average performance will be improved by 25%.

The 64-bit Chrome version can also effectively use Windows 8 high-entropy 64-bit address space layout randomization (ASLR) Features to improve security. At the same time, the stability is also greatly improved, and the probability of a crash when rendering Web content will be effectively reduced. Now you can download 64-bit Chrome. The upgrade is completely smooth without worrying about any settings and bookmarks, or special backup and uninstallation.

Visit the following URL to download Chrome:

Dev channel Canary Channel

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