Google releases the MySQL database cloud hosting service

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Google has launched a new service that makes cloud computing platforms more attractive to enterprises. On Thursday (December 11, October 6), Google revealed part of Google Cloud SQL, a scalable hosting environment for MySQL databases.

The product manager of Google Cloud SQL said that the most common requirement of Google App Engine users is to develop traditional database-driven applications in a simple way. With the perfect combination of App Engine and Cloud SQL, Google's platform-as-a-service product frees developers from managing and maintaining the database environment.

The advantages of using cloud SQL are obvious. All transactions are stored in the cloud and managed by Google. Users only rely on it for their work without configuring or troubleshooting errors. Since data is replicated in multiple Google data centers, it is always available. Google will also provide the import or export service to facilitate users to bring databases into or out of the cloud.

Google uses MySQL, which is very familiar to users. Therefore, most applications can run without too much debugging. The data format is also very familiar to most developers and administrators. Another benefit is integration with the application engine.

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