Google search application in the WIN10 official version of the system how to use?

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With the WIN10 official version of the update launched, Google's only application in the Windows App Store is Google search, which is still in the Win8 era, and few updates.

Now WIN10 official version of the system has been introduced, WIN10 general application began to appear. and usher in the update, the Google search application allows WINDOWS10 users do not use the browser Google search, Google search applications to support voice search, but also integrated with other Google Apps and services links, such as YouTube, Gmail and Google Maps.

In addition to the application, there is no indication that Google will launch other Win10 local apps (Xbox one and YouTube apps), so Google's search is now a lone. Here's how to share Google search application Win10 version of the specific use.

Google search Application Win10 version of the download method:

1, click on the WIN10 official version of the desktop in the lower left corner of the "Windows" button, open the Extended menu found in the "Play and browse" section of the "App Store" entry.

2, to open the "WIN10 Application Store" interface, switch to the "Application" tab, in the Search box to enter "Google" to search, from the search results to choose as shown in the application click to enter.

3, at this time will open the corresponding application of the details of the interface, here you can learn more about the application of the function and usage, this directly in the interface to click the "Free Download" button. As shown in the figure:

Second, open the "Google Search Application" method:

1, click on the "Windows" button, from the Open "extension panel" can find "Google search Application", as shown in the picture:

2, install and open the "Google Search Application" interface, in its "Settings" interface, you can set "whether to open voice search," "language version", "Default browser" and "Facebook" features.

3, Google Search application features features: In addition to the perfect "content" search function, but also has "voice search", "Image Search" and "Google app" features such as feature.

4, Google search application provides the "Voice search" function, only to the "Voice search" interface to select the voice input device to use, you can use voice to Google search issued search instructions, quickly complete the corresponding search operation.

5, Google search application built-in a variety of very practical "Google App", click the Google search application in the upper right corner of the "Application List" button to open as shown in the "Google Application" list, according to the need to select the appropriate application.

6. In addition, Google search applications also have "intelligent search" function, when we search "weather" situation, will automatically locate the current location and show the current weather conditions.

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