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If you have a Google app installed on your phone, you'll have to hesitate to classify it as a search application or a shopping application.

Google in Wednesday announced the official launch of the "Google purchase" feature, users in the search for information, you may see a number of items "Buy" button, click the shopping button you can go directly to the purchase of the page. Like what:

Search for women's clothing in Google, the first column will appear in different brands of clothing pictures, prices and other information, at this time and Google has cooperation with the brand or retailer's display page will appear on the "Buy" button. By clicking "Buy", the user can be directly linked to the purchase page of the product.

However, as revealed earlier, unlike the electric dealer, the "buy" button is not directly traded. The real buying behavior still happens between the consumer and the retailer.

Although Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt once said that "Google search the biggest competitor is Amazon", but add the "buy" button Google did not do the electricity business, still only to help the merchant "hosting" the product page, after the transaction or by the merchants and consumers directly to complete the interaction. In the view of businesses, Google's "buy" function can help them improve the customer's shopping experience.

That is, the "buy" button is actually a diversion for the retailer, and the user is not able to click to buy the item directly. In this purchase process, Google is the "click rate" to the retailer to charge a certain fee, and will not be a part of the transaction.

Google said in its blog that 1/5 of users were interested in interacting with the ads to learn more about them. Now that users are starting to shift their attention to mobile devices, Google is also planning to advertise more mobile-end forms.

In addition to this "buy" button, the future of Google search will also be in its mobile applications to add a product map amplification function, sliding product map users can be required to obtain a larger picture, product evaluation and arrival information. At the same time, Googlenow will also provide location-based shopping information, including nearby merchandise discount information, merchandise inventory and store hours.

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