Google's recent three big big domestic website optimization needs to find the right direction

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Hello everyone, I am Chengzhou. For Google, we webmaster if do a lot of words may not pay attention to, because the flow of Google to Baidu is really a little less. And according to some of my experience to see Google rankings good, high flow of time Baidu ranking is not very good time, once Baidu rankings come up, Google's traffic and ranking may fall, maybe this is just because I do not pay attention to Google's optimization caused it! But ultimately, Google is still the boss of the search engine, It will definitely make a big impact on the search engine session, the recent Google for the algorithm to do a lot of adjustment, of which the most typical of the following three aspects, these adjustments are for our website links and other aspects of the measures to make, And we webmaster most should do is in touch with Google These adjustments will be some of the impact of our SEO, timely remedial and find the right direction.

1, Google PR update frequently

Google PR frequent update is Google this year to deliberate a revolution, which is targeted at a number of trading links to the site. Just imagine, if we go to buy links, bought links for a PR4, a will PR3, for our ranking will have a great impact on the site is very unfavorable to buy links, and for selling links to the site, if a club sweep of the black chain of the chain of the PR constantly change, for their pricing, work, And customer loyalty is a big impact. It's just some of the effects of PR on buying and selling connections, in fact, PR in a long time search engine site ranking rules have a very deep footprint, and even PR in the ranking of the importance of the page has accounted for a very high proportion, once the PR to do an update, the major search engines will do an update on the rankings, This is the search engine does not want to see, because each search engine is not willing to be Google led by the nose, so every time when the PR update will appear by reducing the impact of the PR.

Remedial direction: Do not pay too much attention to PR, or do not because of PR changes affect their website optimization. Of course, is not a point is not desirable, when we put the PR higher, so that the impact of PR is positive, which is also a very good direction. PR as a tool, let it create value for themselves, rather than create trouble, such as link exchange, some webmaster or more pay attention to PR, high PR station better for the link.

2, Google more focus on the quality of the site

As far as Google is concerned, we all know that it's a very humane thing to do, the ranking of the site is also very rational, the general content of the site and the quality of the higher the chain will be ranked in the front, but can not exclude columns, such as a lot of foreign trade sites, as far as I know on the use of the black chain piled up, Google doesn't seem to have a better idea about this, black chain seems to be the largest search engine vulnerabilities, this should be based on the basic algorithm, and for Google seems to be unable to escape the QJ, or a lot of cattle through the station group occupy Google's home page, which makes Google hurt, So Google recently increased the crackdown on spam sites, but also set up a spam site to report the mechanism to encourage webmasters to report spam sites, thereby improving the search results of a large number of spam sites.

Remedial direction: Need to pay more attention to the construction of site content, the content of the king firmly grasp in the palm, do not let this piece of our site is lagging behind the short board. For some irrelevant information for the integration of the elimination, so that the site more in line with the search habits of search engines, in line with the user's search needs, pay more attention to user experience, access to user trust and also access to the recognition of the search engine.

3, Google to increase the blow to pay links

For Google's most recent action seems to be paid links to the blow, has been in the biography of Google will sell links to the site to carry out a certain weight reduction, but did not see the action, but recently found that Google has action, for some of the sale of Web site links, Simple we can see that Google will their site PR lower at least one level, these sites are mostly large portal class sites, mainly selling is the Ming chain. And for black chain website This even search engine is not very good judgment, and this is not the site's own mistakes, so generally found that black chain after the black chain of the site should not be too big, and hanging black chain of the site may be more miserable, directly will be down right.

Remedial direction: The strength is stronger, the weight is relatively high website, the proposal does not carry on the link trade, or as small as possible, otherwise certainly will be the search engine down right. For some restless webmaster, recommend not to buy links, because the link will not be stable, if you must buy, the proposal or a lot of inspection, let Google hit the impact of minimizing.

Well, this article is written here, and finally hope that everyone can find the most accurate direction, better and faster optimization of their own web site. Friends who want to communicate with me can add my qq:843745641.

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