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For many friends who work in government offices, they say, the most frequent contact is the PPT software, whether it is for their own speeches to do, or for the leadership to do, there is no good ppt production skills, it is difficult to produce a beautiful ppt, of course, the government report class PPT is more so, So let's explore the PowerPoint skills of the government reporting class together.

1. The principle of seriousness

The Government, as the administrative organ in the State institution, has a solemn, sacred and inviolable visual representation of the outside world, and as a visual language to display the external image of government organs, the PPT report should not only follow the principle of seriousness. and to minimize interference elements, not suitable for lively elements, ppt color tones and the central government site close to the appropriate.

2, the principle of simplicity

"Simplicity but not simple" the slogan is also suitable for the government-style report ppt design, simple and easy, but to achieve simplicity is not so easy, in the balance between the principle of seriousness, "simplicity", "atmosphere" is the most we hear words. So how to achieve simplicity, small series suggest that you look at the Triple tutorial Network of articles, quick understanding of simplicity rather than simple has a great role.

3, let the data speak the principle

Taking the annual report of the Government as an example, the main content may involve the social, the economy and so on many aspects, but weighs a local government main achievement index as the economic index, the economic indicator in the PPT display should take the picture and the PPT chart as the main, the visual stimulation and the data display can attract the meeting person's attention, Years of experience to tell us a few tens of thousands of words of the report convincing less than 5 pages PPT data show. So you should try to make PPT image.

Of course, the above Alyoshka Alyoshka numbers, not enough to fully explain the government report class PPT template production skills, but as long as you master these three points, it is also from making a good government report ppt template not far away.

Perhaps the above text is abstract point, then come up with a government report class PPT template as an example, welcome everyone to criticize correct.

Note : More wonderful tutorials Please pay attention to the triple computer tutorial section, triple Computer office group: 189034526 welcome you to join

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