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  One WordPress Installation

I use XAMPP (apache+mysql+php), WordPress (blog program) 3.5.1 Simplified Chinese official installation version, the following is said under Windows with the XAMPP installation WordPress method.

Install Xampp is the Fool next, next. Run control Panel After the installation is complete, starting Apache and MySQL, as shown below

  Select the admin behind MySQL to enter the database management interface , as shown below

We first set up a database, casually named, this database as WordPress installation to use the database.

Download wordpress,wordpress (blog program) 3.5.1 Simplified Chinese official installation version, after decompression will get the WordPress folder copy to the XAMPP installation directory under the Htdocs folder. Then visit/localhost/worpress in the browser and click Create a configuration File in the interface that appears. In the next interface, enter the name of the database (you started), User name fill in the Root,password blank, click Submit. Next set up the website title, password, mailbox and so on. After the installation is complete, you can use the admin username and the password you just set up to log in the background. You can set the site's address in the background general settings.

If you want to make the local area network visit the site, you need to configure Apache, or you may not be able to display pictures and so on, the specific method is to click on the panel behind the Apache config, open httpt.conf file. Enter the following code in the file.


DocumentRoot d:/xampp/htdocs/wordpress (WordPress path)


Two WordPress transfer

First Use WordPress Database backup this plugin to the WordPress backup, export SQL files. In order to facilitate the creation of the same name on the new machine database, follow the steps above to install WordPress, then import the SQL file, and copy the original theme, plug-ins wait until the new WordPress folder. Because the change of domain name needs to modify the database, it is mainly to modify the wp-options and Wp-posts table.

Run the following SQL statement in Wp-options

Update wp_options set option_value= ' new address ' where option_name= ' siteurl ';

Update wp_options set option_value= ' new address ' where option_name= ' home ';

Update wp_posts Set GUID = Replace (GUID, ' old address ', ' new address '); Run the following SQL statement in Wp-posts

Update wp_posts Set Post_content=replace (Post_content, ' old address ', ' new address ');

Update wp_posts set post_excerp= replace (Post_excerpt, ' old address ', ' new address ');

This will make your blog a successful migration.

Three WordPress some details

Uploading pictures generally requires English names.

Maximum upload file size of 2M, modify the words need to modify php.ini file, post_max_size=800m memory_limit=800m upload_max_filesize=800m, size can follow you, and add a sentence in the wp-config.php file define (' Wp_memory_limit ', ' 800M ').

Changing the color size of the template is generally in the CSS file.

If the picture is not displayed correctly, it is estimated that Apache is not configured.

Stop the service while uninstalling the XAMPP, then uninstall the service, and then uninstall the XAMPP application so that the next installation will generally not be a problem.

Write so much first, later encountered any problems to add.

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