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This is a tutorial on XAMPP installation configuration under Windows, what is XAMPP? When installing the configuration lamp under the Linux Ubuntu system, it is mentioned that XAMPP,XAMPP provides us with a type of Linux, Solaris, Windows, and Mac A quick way to easily install the Apache server distribution under OS x system.

XAMPP (X-System, A-apache,m-mysql,p-php,p-phpmyadmin/perl) This abbreviated name describes the files contained in the XAMPP installation package: Apache Web server, Mysql database, PHP, Perl, FTP Service programs (FILEZILLAFTP) and phpMyAdmin.

First of all, why install XAMPP. Today, in Windows XP cleaning up the computer data, using the 360 system first-aid box mistakenly removed the MySQL automatic startup settings, My.ini configuration file was 360 modified. Then use the command line to manually start MySQL, found that the PHP program script can be normal access to the database (select), but also to perform operations such as update, but could not insert data into the database (insert). Speculation is that My.ini or other files have been destroyed, now the Windows system built under the PHP development environment: The PHP+APACHE+MYSQL combination is just beginning to contact with PHP to build and configure, has been a long time, has not seen this problem. The Windows system to build a PHP environment is not a manual configuration so cumbersome, because there are xampp such as these PHP integrated installation package, Phpapache and MySQL configuration is to help us configure the well. Just download and install it.

  How do I install XAMPP?

1, download XAMPP: to XAMPP website to learn about the relevant information, we see the latest version of XAMPP is 1.7.3, providing XAMPP Linux and XAMPP windows, and other systems under the XAMPP version, XAMPP windows The old version is also called Wampp, may be earlier contact with PHP people to wampp more familiar.

Find XAMPP win version (for Windows XP, Vista, Win 7 system): Download xampp windows. EXE (installed edition, 51m: Download.html?xampp-win32-1.7.3.exe) | Download xampp Windows Zip (compressed document, 100m: I select. exe only 51M. You can choose to download the various installation package files under the old version or other system on the

2, if the Windows system has been installed Wamp, we must first uninstall Apache, MySQL and php: Start--> Control Panel--> Add or Remove Programs--> remove Apache and MySQL related services, such as Apache server, MySQL server, MySQL connector/odbc, and so on, and then remove the PHP configuration when extracting the entire folder, such as Php-5.2.10-win32.

3, Xampp download finished, directly click the. exe program installation, the application automatically extract the relevant files.

4. EXE application decompression, xampp out of DOS command line window to set relevant options, such as:

Should I Add shortcuts to the startmenu/desktop? Select Y to add shortcuts to the start and desktop.

Should I Locate the XAMPP paths correctly? Should I Proceed? Select Y to set the XAMPP path.

Should I make a portable XAMPP without drive letters? According to the hint note, select the default n, set the drive letter required, because we are going to set up XAMPP for Windows system services later. The installer then relocate each component, and finally prompts Xampp is ready to use,rress back to continue and press ENTER to continue.

5, prompts us that the installer has set the time zone to "UTC" in the "PHP.ini" and "My.ini" files, and if the automatic setting is not correct, we can modify it in these two files.

6, the last step to select the action, select 1 open xampp Control Panel:

When you press ENTER, we see that the Xampp Control Panel appears in the lower-right corner icon, and then select X to exit the entire XAMPP installation process.

7, set the XAMPP Control Panel:

If your computer is not used as a Web server for a long time, modules set the check in front of the SVC, select the SVC mode XAMPP will be registered as a Windows system service, every time the system starts will start Apache, MySQL these modules, When used, open the XAMPP Control Panel and click Start to start Apache and MySQL.

  Xampp Use Tutorial

1. What is the default account password for XAMPP Mysql? User:root Password: ' (empty);

2. What is the default account password for XAMPP FileZilla ftp? User:newuser password:wampp;

3. What is the configuration file path for XAMPP:

Apache configuration: xamppapacheconfhttpd.conf;



FileZilla FTP server: Xamppfilezillaftpfilezilla server.xml;

4. What is the default path for the root directory of the XAMPP Web site: xampphtdocs;

5. What is the default path for XAMPP MySQL database to hold data? Xamppmysqldata;

6. How to uninstall XAMPP: Perform Xamppuninstall.exe uninstall program.

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