Green Data Center: Five energy-saving devices in the data center

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Data centers are full of electric mice, such as storage cabinets and server cabinets, but there are many products and services that can help you reduce the energy consumption of existing devices. To commemorate Earth Day (April 22), we particularly recommend 5 devices that can help the data center save energy and reduce consumption.

EnergyWise, a software installed on Cisco Catalyst switches and routers, monitors and measures the energy consumption of devices such as routers, switches and IP phones, APS, and PCs, and then takes the necessary action to reduce energy consumption based on existing power usage scenarios.

The Upsite blank panel blocks heat from the hot channel of the device and can help to identify the heat source to optimize the cooling effect.

The Sentilla device keeps track of the power consumption of servers, storage, routers, and other devices, predicts future energy consumption scenarios for these devices, and confirms the potential peak of unusual energy consumption for certain devices to adjust the power load when outside normal power conditions are exceeded.

No money to buy these devices? Never mind. The nonprofit green Grid has developed a free online tool to help determine how much outdoor air can be used to cool data center temperatures. With your zip code, local energy costs, it and equipment loads, the online calculator calculates how much you can save by using air-cooled and water-cooled water.

The d-link precursor switch can achieve energy saving by automatically detecting the link state of the equipment and reducing the energy consumption of unused ports.

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