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Since this site already has this fixed corn ( no longer migrate corn, I also have a 1g space. Want to provide another corn to people who need free space.

Green online provides m free dynamic space application. After the ID is registered on the space station, the forum applies to activate free rush value immediately after activation. The space supports HTML, ASP, PHP, MySQL, FSO, access, etc, supports FTP upload management,
Http:// website name
Space is suitable for Web lovers and personal websites! If you need it, visit it!
This space is used for forum posting. Please do not use excessive malicious bumping!

Note: 10 people share one FTP
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Free Space Application instructions!

1. Free Space Performance description:
MB web page space, supporting ASP, PHP, and MySQL.
2.100 IIS connections.
3. Support domain name binding (must be filed)

2. Free Space Application instructions:
Condition: RequiredCommunityRegister a user and post 60 valid topic posts each month or more (excluding replies)

If the above conditions are met, please go to the data center ( registration ID, and login to complete detailed information, must be complete and true.
Then, you can apply for a new version in the following format.

Data center ID:
Space usage:
MySQL required or not:
If you need MySQL, send the username and password of your MySQL database to the Administrator via a text message from the Forum.

3. Wait for the Administrator's review (activation is verified every Saturday). After the review is passed, we will refund you 100 yuan for the Forum data center ID and log on to the data center to activate the space.

4. After opening the space, you must upload the content within three days, and add thanks to green online at the bottom of the site to provide space, connect to the

Application address

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