Greeting little Teddy-ding

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Ever Since Lele was given away for various reasons, Lele has been in love for many years and has been planning to buy another puppy. Originally and Sonne Say yes, I bought a good car and bought a dog, but the National Day holiday is coming to an end. I suddenly wanted a dog, ran a pet shop, asked an acquaintance to introduce it, and asked the "dog dealer ", after several twists and turns, I finally found the cute ding and brought him home. After a year, my wish has finally been fulfilled and I am happy. Ing ...... After three days, I tried to learn from my dog friends and add my practical experience. I hope to talk to many friends who love dogs. I just bought a puppy, because I left my mom and my siblings, I was not familiar with the surrounding environment, and I was afraid of being lonely. In addition, my puppy was cold and easy to call. This was the case when ding just received the call. It was almost a whole night, and it was like crying. As a result, I had almost lost sleep for a night. Later I heard from experienced people, this gives us peace of mind. Later, I put some old towels and a furry white bear in my dog's cage. I had a warm nest, and the puppies were so cute that sometimes they were also called, however, the duration is not long. Later, I found that the dog was called as long as he saw us. He wanted to come and play, but the second time when the needle was not prepared, the dog could not be released. Otherwise, it would be prone to bacterial infections, and if you don't let him get used to it when you are a child, you will not be able to get stuck when you grow up. So we can only close him. There is a way to let the puppy calm down and put an old bath towel or bed sheet on the mask outside the dog's cage. If he doesn't see anyone, then he doesn't call it very much. Ding ding is now sleeping quietly behind me. It doesn't matter if the dog is hungry for one or two meals, but the water cannot be broken. He bought an automatic drinking water dispenser for ding and taught him several times, but he hasn't seen him drink water, I heard that other people's puppies will be taught once. I don't know if I am not good at teaching or if I am stupid. This is a matter of worry. If a puppy does not learn to drink water by himself, it will be troublesome to go out and put him alone at home. May ding be healthy and happy to grow ...... By Cynthia

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