Group RAID0 array Hint error occurred (0)!

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Today, the server prompts for errors, error occurred (0), through the following methods to solve, special sharing, easy to need friends

P45 Motherboard, South Bridge is ich10r,,5 a number of wd3202abys-01b7a0 hard disk group RAID0, only a few weeks or so, on the shutdown system card died, restart after the raid screen there, showing 5 hard drives in which there is a red hint: Error occurred (0), the remaining 4 normal. Then shut down the computer to start another hard drive, and then the hint error of the hard drive detection, no problem, hard drives are new licensed. The data cable is not loose either.

Since the hard drive is normal, the problem may be on the software and it should be repaired. Re-use raid in, prompted that the hard drive error also ignore, found unexpectedly can enter the system, and all normal. Open the Intel Matrix Storage console view, still prompts that hard drive error, right button, pop-up menu "set as normal", point, no longer show that hard disk error, so restart, RAID does not prompt that hard drive error.

Intel Matrix Storage Console Console

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