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How can I get the first copy?DBAWork?

You have read the previous sections and think that it is a good job to become a DBA. Congratulations! I hope your career will become so exciting and meaningful as you think. So how do you find the first DBA job? I have heard this question many times.


In the early 1990s S, the Internet was booming. It makes the company like grass sprout. Companies flock and begin to create their online images. Almost all websites require a database as the background of Web applications. Unfortunately, there were not so many DBAs in this field at the time. In the IT industry, DBAs become scarce. During that time, obtaining a DBA job seems to be as long as you can spell out "oracle", or you may just have been in college with databases for a semester. In order to make life better, the lack of DBAs has prompted companies to pay high salaries to potential employees. If you want to become a DBA, It's easy and easy. What you need to do is to prove that you understand what a database is and then work will appear in front of you earlier than you expected.


Then the Internet bubble burst. A large number of Internet companies went bankrupt. Many DBAs work for the company to find new jobs. It is much easier for a company that lacks DBA to find a person with DBA experience. In the early 21st century, because the economy was not very stable, it was not easy (at least in the United States) to live ). The company tightened their belts. All of this translates into fewer job opportunities and fewer job openings for DBA candidates.


The hardest part to get the first DBA job is that each position requires some work experience. From the company perspective, you can understand why experience is necessary for DBA positions. If he has no experience, will you pay a high salary for him to operate, maintain and run the largest and most important part of your IT infrastructure organization? Will your company pay for an inexperienced DBA? In addition, while waiting for him to grow up, he may lose millions of dollars in revenue. For most companies, the answer to these questions is definitely 'no '. Therefore, without experience, it is very difficult to obtain your first DBA job.


The first DBA job is now in a vicious circle. If I have no experience, how can I get DBA work? How can I get DBA experience if I have no job? This is the most difficult obstacle to be overcome. The most difficult part is to obtain the first DBA job. The rest of this part will give you some suggestions for achieving your first DBA goal.


Prompt#1:Receive education.-- Learn as much database knowledge as possible. This may take some time and effort away from your normal work. Participate in database training courses held by local universities. Many training companies hold training courses for database administrators. If your boss does not fund your study, you may have to pay for it by yourself. Many DBA professions require at least a bachelor's degree or above in computer science or related disciplines, so you must have at least that diploma.


Prompt#2:Exercise to becomeDBA.-- Many database vendors allow you to download the Beta or evaluation version of their database systems. Download a copy and install the software on your PC. Exercise using the database. Deliberately destroys the database and tries to fix it. Try to fulfill as many DBA duties as you can think. Test and hone your skills on your own testing platform so that you can prove your database management capabilities.


Prompt#3:Get certification.-- Many database providers provide certification for their own database products. Many companies now regard certification as a standard. One thing to remember is that it is not enough to obtain authentication only. Passing the DBA authentication test does not mean that you know how to manage a database. It only tells you the potential boss, and now you have some technology. It also tells your boss that your attitude towards DBA is very serious. I have seen many people complain that they have been certified but have no experience, but still cannot get the first DBA job. Authentication itself does not allow you to get a job, but it is harmless. Even if there are no other ones, you have learned a lot during your authentication. Do not rely on authentication to bring you the job you are looking. You need more than that. But it will help you at the end.


Prompt#4:Use your existing skills.-- Many DBAs have the background of system administrators. Others have application development background. If possible, check whether you can use your existing skills to get a job. The goal is to create a win-win situation for you and your boss. For example, let's assume that you are already a system administrator and want to enter the DBA field. Maybe you will find a job that can use your system management skills for part of the job, and you will be involved in the database management field for the rest of the time. If you are already a DBA on a product platform, but you want to transfer it to another product platform, check if you can find a job to contact both product platforms at the same time. In this way, the company and you get what you want. After you are directed to DBA, you can try to get a job that allows you to work for it full-time, maybe in the same company.


Prompt#5:Take advantage of the current opportunity.-- Sometimes, what a person needs to enter the DBA field is the right place and the right time. Assume that your current boss has a chance for you to perform any database project and seize this opportunity! Any database experience is better than no database experience. Let your managers know that you are actively looking for any possible database opportunities. They may think of you next time. After these database projects and the desire to become a DBA, they may decide to train you and promote you. Many people obtain their first DBA job in this way. After some database-related projects, they become a relatively low-level DBA unconsciously. Generally, when a DBA leaves the company, the company will look for a candidate internally, if they think the candidate is trainable.


Prompt#6:Find lower-levelDBAPosition.-- If you only work for a relatively low-level dBA, you can see the Requirement Description for the DBA position that they are looking for senior DBA or others. Therefore, let us be more rigorous. You do not have any advanced experience. I have discussed why the company will not consider you for such a position. However, they will consider you in low-level positions. The low-level DBA completes the work under the guidance of the Senior DBA. They are exploring tricks. In general, Senior DBAs are responsible for databases and have won all honors. But don't be anxious. As your career develops, you will have more and more responsibilities and gain more and more trust. Because you have no experience, you should start from here.


I have also heard of companies looking for a senior dBA, but in the end they actually want to hire a low-level DBA. You may want to apply for such a position, although you may not be eligible. They may decide to hire you. However, it indicates that you are still in the exploratory stage and are already at a relatively low DBA level. Do not try to trick them into making them think you are a senior DBA level. This will only reduce your chances of getting the job.


These tips will help you get the first DBA job. Good luck when looking for a job. After finding the first DBA job, continue with the following sections to learn how to proceed.

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